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    To the Actors Shining in the Abyss, Genshin Impact version 4.1, released on September 27

    Greetings Travelers! The Genshin Impact dev team has returned, and today we &# 8217 we’d like to share with you the most recent details about the new landscapes, tales and companions that will be made available in the September 27th version of the game, version 4.1 To the Stars Shining In the Depths.

    The region north of the thriving Court of Fontaine will be accessible for investigation following the most recent update. This region is home to a sizable underground fort inhabited by exiles as well as enigmatic ruins floating in the air that were left behind after an unfortunate laboratory accident. Neuvillette and Wriothesley, two new five-star accessible characters, will also have significant roles in the Archon Quests that are waiting for you.

    A verse event honoring friendship and love is being held by the residents of Liyue and Mondstadt, which is far from Fontaine. We have set up a specific routine login event for you to commemorate Genshin Impact’s upcoming third anniversary with all Travelers. Participate to get up to Intertwined Fates 10, Primogems 1, 600, and 2 promotional tools as a token of our gratitude.

    Under the lakes, risk lurks

    The Fortress of Meropide is located full within the great lakes of the Liffey Region. This material structure detains scammers from all over Fontaine while exercising self-governance that is separate from the city’s legal system and number 8217. When you approach the Fortress, be on the lookout for lamps.


    But, there are other uses for the Fortress of Meropide besides prisoner housing. More information about the site’s operations and mysteries is revealed in, where one can see a complex system of gears and pipelines spanning several levels into the Fortress’ depths. These, our principal plotline also picks up as we look for Childe. Version 4.1 will also see the entry of Wriothesley, the Fortress of Meropide’s Chief Administrator, and the Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino.

    The great ocean of the Liffey Region is home to a stunning but dangerous monster in addition to the Fortress of Meropide. The Millennial Pearl Seahorse may leap high into the air and unlock vicious Electro attacks thanks to its ghostly beauty.

    The Fontaine Research Institute has high goals.

    The Allogravity-Condensed Water Body, which is floating in midair, and the ruins of the former Fontaine Research Institute demonstrate the disastrous results of an study gone wrong. Utilizing Arkhium’s power to defy gravity was once thought to be the solution because the Fontaine Research Institute has spent its lengthy background looking for ways to survive the flood that has been predicted to wipe out the people of this country. However, this endeavor cruelly failed, sending various enormous blocks of Allogravity-Condensed Water Bodies and ruins into the sky. However, these floating water systems have also preserved underwater life and remnants of the old university, which can be investigated to support the Fontaine Research Institute’s ongoing research.


    One of these relics is the fresh director Experimental Field Generator. It was once a tool for counteracting gravity’s effects, but since the incident, it has lost control. You will experience weightlessness effects during combat, which will be helpful for leaping higher and avoiding boss &# 8217 attacks.

    Ludex and the Fortress of Meropide’s Administrator

    Two figures in high jobs will help you as the storyline of variant 4.1 develops. Wriothesley is the Administrator of the Fortress of Meropide, who keeps a close eye on all the criminals, while Neuvillette serves as the Iudex who oversees Fontaine’s legal system.

    Iudex Neuvillette, also known as the Chief Justice, is a well-respected individual in Fontaine who upholds unrelenting fairness. Neuvillette, on the other hand, enjoys tasting waters from all over Teyvat and has a sweet spot for Melusines. His Story Quest Diluvies Chapter contains additional tales about Neuvillette and Melusines.

    Neuvillette is a skilled Hydro Catalyst user in battle. His Charged Attack has the ability to strike all enemies in its course while releasing a torrent of raging torrents at the expense of his wellbeing. Additionally, his Charged Attack you absorb Sourcewater Droplets that are produced by his Elemental Skill and Electric Burst to heal and speed up paying.

    Wriothesley, a different fresh companion, is referred to as the Fortress of Meropide Administrator. Both the general public and the criminals regard him because of his intelligence and strength. The Fortress of Meropide has been transformed into a livable area where violent criminals and the poor are housed thanks to the numerous reforms he implemented. His Story Quest Cerberus Chapter contains more information about this Duke and the Lord of the Fortress of Meropide.

    Wriothesley is a master at fusing his fight problems with the strength of Cryo and his motivator in battle. While his Elemental Skill draws foes and increases his Normal Attack at the expense of his HP, His Ordinary and Charged Attacks can offer Cryo DMG. When his wellness deteriorates to a vulnerable state, he is able to strike hard to rebuild HP.

    Neuvillette will make its debut in the first half of version 4.1 Event Wishes with Hu Tao &# 8217, a rerun, while Wriothesley & # 8237, the s debut, and Venti & / # 9217 are made for the second half.

    A verse event honoring love and friendship

    A writing festival will welcome you with lovely words and companionship from Liyue and Mondstadt while you take a brief break from your Fontaine adventures. Hu Tao and Venti collaborate to sponsor a literature festival in order to keep the promise they made at the earlier Lantern Rite. They tell an emotional tale about friendship and love that has endured the test of time. There will also be colorful activities and mini-games accessible, like the unique dart-throwing game Hundred Pace Hurling Rites and Mending Painting Prospects, which involves putting together paintings based on Teyvat beauty. Travelers will have the chance to win the special 4-star precursor Ballad of the Boundless Blue by amassing Poetry Gala Fervor from those mini-games.

    We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us in the past, present, and coming as Genshin Impact is about to change three. The unique normal password event with a maximum of 10 Intertwined Fates will return. Additionally, keep in mind to check out your in-game box later because we will be awarding Primogems 1, 600, Fragile Resin 4, and the two special devices Portable Aerodynamic Gelatinous Bubble Generator and Itty Bitty Octobaby as tokens of our shared memories. Last but not least, we hope you enjoy your time in Fontaine meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends from different parts of the world. We hope to see you again in the upcoming release.

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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