Friday, December 1, 2023

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    After AMC + cancellation, a surprise trailer for Season 2 of Pantheon is released.

    AMC + canceled Pantheon Season 2 earlier this year, but now the show has a surprise video. Despite being ordered for two seasons, the animated set, which centers on a technological advancement that results in the sharing of someone’s consciousness into an online system, was cancelled after just one season. Additionally, it was taken down from websites like AMC + and HiDive.

    On October 15 in Australia and New Zealand, Pantheon Season 2 will be available on Prime Video. Whether it will be made available abroad is currently unknown.

    View the Pantheon Season 2 trailer below & nbsp( view more trailers ):

    What’s Pantheon All About?

    According to the synopsis,” The set focuses on Maddie, a bullied teen who receives enigmatic assistance from anyone online.” Her late deceased parents, David, whose perception has been uploaded to the Cloud following an experimental harmful mental scan, is immediately identified as the stranger. A global conspiracy that threatens to start a new type of world war is developing, and David is the first of its kind — an Uploaded Intelligence or UI. However, he won’t be the last.

    Daniel Dae Kim, Katie Chang, Rosemarie DeWitt, Paul Dano, Aaron Eckhart, Taylor Schilling( Orange Is The New Black ), Ron Livingston( Loudermilk ), Raza Jaffrey( Narcos: Mexico ), Anika Noni Rose( The Princess and the Frog ), Maude Apatow( Euphoria ), and more are featured in Pantheon.

    It is based on a collection of post intelligence short stories by Ken Liu. Craig Silverstein, who even serves as the director, is the series’ creator and writer. Silverstein is the executive producer, with Liu serving as the consulting supplier.

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