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    November 17: Tiger Blade invades the PS VR2

    Greetings! We are ecstatic to share with you a brand-new Tiger Blade truck! We’ve been working diligently fine-tuning the conflict and action since we first announced the game back in June, as well as more bringing the world of Tiger Blade to life with more polish and detail to the environments. The trailer not only features high-octane and highly replayable arcade action from Tiger Blade, but it also details the game’s release date — Tiger Blade will be making its PS VR2 debut on November 17!

    What can you therefore anticipate from Tiger Blade when it debuts in a few months? The base of the experience is powerful, fast-paced combat, and as you battle through the urban areas of Sewoon( the game’s neo-Korean setting ), you’ll be quickly switching between your sword and pistol on the fly.

    As Tiger Blade has evolved, we’ve come to refer to the game’s most important mechanic as axe’ n’ run. It pretty much goes without saying: you use your sword to slash an adversary or a part of the environment that is welcoming to you, then you automatically move on to the next point of action.

    The slice’ n’ dash is the main method of moving through each level, though it’s not the only one. You also have a struggle that you can use to hook and bounce at specific locations. It seems like a winning combination that maintains an excitingly active tempo for the action.

    Tiger Blade isn’t just about using your brand, despite its razor-sharp brand. We’ve made certain switching between your sword and revolver is smooth and becomes intuitive pretty quickly because some enemies can only be vanquished with a rifle. If an opponent carrying a gun manages to roll off some photos, you may distract the bullets with your weapon before firing back and taking them out.

    When you find yourself outnumbered and / or outgunned, the wrestling completes your tool and, if used wisely, can give you an advantage. With the struggle, some adversaries can be quickly swiped from their hands and into yours, giving you access to some excellent weapons, such as a gun or Pistol, until the weapons runs out. By raising your of hand, the grapple can even seize temporary cover, which serves as a shield and shields you from sword or bullet strikes.

    Anyone who is familiar with Time Crisis won’t be overly surprised to learn that there are a few fans of Namco’s iconic light-gun sniper on the team after trying Tiger Blade brawls, in our opinion.

    We are extremely proud of the surroundings that make up Tiger Blade’s earth, even though combat takes center stage. You’ll find yourself being pursued and hunted through a variety of interior and exterior areas, including docks, markets, and streets, according to & nbsp, which is based on actual Korean areas. As we get closer to the conclusion of Tiger Blade’s growth, we’re continuing to increase layers of depth and polish to textures, illumination, and VFX. We’ve designed these to be as interactive as possible.

    When Tiger Blade debuts on PS VR2 on November 17, we can’t wait for you to test it. Wearing the helmet, getting completely immersed, and feeling like a competent killer smack-bang in the heat of the activity is something else. Reading about it and watching the video is one factor.

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