Friday, December 1, 2023

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    Netflix’s Reimagined Astro Boy animation collection is revealed by Pluto Trailer.

    The Pluto truck introduces Tezuka Productions’ future anime adaptation for Netflix, which is based on a reimagining of the storied Astro Boy manga by Osamu.

    When a number of strong drones are destroyed, Europol investigator Gesicht is on the situation, leading him to believe that the offender is aiming for the world’s most sophisticated robot, including himself. according to the standard description. However, when important people involved in robot rules start being killed off one by one and there is no obvious sign of a murderer at the scene, things take an unexpected move. Face meets the very developed robot Atom as he conducts his research, and his thoughts and AI cause him to doubt his own personality. Collectively, they uncover a sinister scheme that has the potential to end everything as we know it. Is they, however, prevent the greatest evil in human background before it’s too late with the time running out?

    View the Pluto trailer below( view more trailers ):

    Pluto Does Album on Netflix When?

    The eight-episode line makes its debut on October 26.

    Shinshû Fuji plays the lead role in the words cast, along with Yôko Hikasa as Atom, Minori Suzuki as Uran, Toshihiko Seki as Pluto, Romi Park as Helena, Ron Bottitta playing Duncan, Ken’yû Horiuchi playing President Alexander, Eizô Tsuda acting as Dr. Tenma and more.

    Pluto is produced by Genco, and Toshio Kawaguchi is the director. The artistic mentor is Naoki Urasawa. In addition to being the animating manager, Shigeru Fujita is the figure designer. The song was written by Yugo Kanno.

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