Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    Project Wingman: Frontline 59’s PS VR2-powered stars are available now.

    Players take on operations over the seas and on the floor of a war-scarred different Earth timeline known as After Calamity in the clouds of Project Wingman.

    Frontline 59, an improved version of our independent programmer team’s unique game that features new missions and PlayStation VR2 features that immerse you in the action, is now available to PlayStation players and offers a brand-new perspective on Project Wingman.

    Fly the PS VR2-powered skies of Project Wingman: Frontline 59, out today

    It’s been exciting to have the opportunity to take that vision to living with the PS VR2 because Project Wingman has often felt like it would be a natural match for virtual reality. Whether you’re using eye-tracking technology to help identify priorities in a chaotic battlefield or feeling the rush of high-speed runs against planes who want you dead, Wingman’s VR2 characteristics definitely help get that to the next level. Our goal has always been to make people feel like great, cutting-edge flying Aces.

    presentation for missions

    The Pacific Federation is under attack by a Cascadian invasion force seeking to cripple the Federation for generations during Frontline 59’s six new missions, which take place during Project Wingman &# 8217, its primary conflict. You serve as a substitute aircraft for the local Federation contingent, and it is up to you and the other members of your unlikely wingmen to repel the foe and restore the Federation’s safety.

    These new operations include everything from counterattacks to stop missions, as well as a few adrenaline-inducing surprises. Here is a breakdown of Frontline 59’s unique engagements, beat by defeat.

      Get off to stop ferocious selfish aircraft from preying on allied forces that are fleeing, missions 1 and 8211.

    • As foe Marines approach, Mission 2 and Mission 8211 provide flying support to marine southern defenses.
    • Break the enemy by making room for heavy hitting firepower in Missions 3 and # 8211.
    • Using a unique flight plan, Mission 4 and # 8211 surprise the army headquarters and take them out when they least expect it.
    • Eliminate the army invasion at its source and send them back to their starting point, according to Missions 5 and 821.
    • In an intense dogfight, Mission 6 and # 8211 battle it out over the Arctic Circle in an effort to prevent insanity from igniting the world.

    While Frontline 59 may be played on PlayStation 5 whether or not they are VR-equipped, we designed these expeditions with virtual reality in mind, and we believe PS VR2 people will experience it strongly. You’ll experience the rush of battle throughout the whole gameplay experience if you enter battle wearing your PS VR2 as your trip helmet.

    The ability to track targets with full 360 degree awareness and highlight targets using PS VR2 and # 8217, eye tracking technology, are two of the coolest features that contribute to the impression that you are actually piloting cutting-edge fighter jet technology. Additionally, you can swivel your mind to view the battle, allowing you to view whatever you want from any angle at any time.

    Every time you approach an enemy for a dogfight or make an ultrasonic pass on them, you &# 8217 will feel the rumble of battle through headset vibrations as you barrel through battlefields. As you cut through the skies or use geographical sound to burn speed, you’ll also feel and hear the plane around you.

    We hope you’ll check out Frontline 59. It was a fantastic, difficult, and incredibly exciting practice bringing our game to living in the Oculus world. We’re excited to finally be able to communicate this encounter with Project Wingman veterans and brand-new recruits from the PlayStation neighborhood.

    Now, Project Wingman: Frontline 59 for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2 is available.

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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