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    Create deep links and find joy in cooperation with KarmaZoo on November 14.

    With cutting-edge online mechanics, KarmaZoo takes teamwork to a new level. We developed a happy and moral sport that breathes new life into an old genre. It is a two to ten player platformer. In common matching, personal lobbies, or local online, have fun with old or new buddies.

    More than 50 characters with various unique abilities offer fresh assistance and performance.

    Co-op style is all about the team, and if necessary, you may even help your friends win. Make yourself useful in order to earn priceless points and amass special Karma. It’s a good thing there are countless ways to assist. When you see a platformer, you immediately think,” Jump, move, run, but what about speak, blaze, splash, drop, dance, carry, charge, smash, and spit!” Prepare yourself to discover your personal strategies for winning for your group.

    November 14: KarmaZoo: Create deep relationships and find joy in collaboration.

    Compromise is a construction device.

    To lose a tombstone, have the guts to dive straight into the spike bed. Then, everyone will be able to cross it to get to the other side, sending your priceless Karma your means. By lighting up the path, holding the door, lifting them into the air, or even slapping them( helpfully ), you can increase your teammates’ scores. You can fire empty walls, make the ground sticky, or knock into a flower block to make your surroundings change.

    aid in scoring

    When you sing to activate procedures with your lovely or slightly obnoxious voice, you &# 8217, ll score if it’s beneficial to someone else, and you’ll get even more points for helping people solve a puzzle. Want to add a little extra passion on top? Take a sly Karma Kiss. It not only feels cozy and comfortable, but it also adds a bonus level. Therefore, do be frugal. You’ll tell your team about all of your experiences, including your passion, failures, and successes. If you don’t complete your work, you get to keep the items you earned. However, if you are successful with your staff and feed the Karma Tree, your entire group will benefit from your efforts. Choose wisely to make each activity unique and new by voting for the upcoming bonuses on the inter-level panel. Stay up and watch out for one another because success goes a long way.

    One for everyone, one for you

    Cooperation is unique at KarmaZoo. Helping others succeed and sharing in the success of a group is the most satisfying thing you can do in this universe. That is the main focus of KarmaZoo. Finding happiness in cooperation, yet when a well-oiled plan fails, and succeeding up with strange people or great friends.

    And finally, cake

    By the way, we couldn’t help but add a dynamic party mode with lots of mini-games to play on your couch or online with friends. Similar personalities and abilities, but with diverse goals. Who will return back afternoon with the coveted Tournament Totem?

    The PS5 will receive KarmaZoo on November 14. Enjoy locally or online, work together or engage in 22 dialects, and use organizations. I’ll see you at the park.

    October 20, 2023, Indie Time: All Announcements

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