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    Linkin Park x Mike Shinoda Music Pack from Beat Saber is available currently for PSVR2 and PS VR.

    We are thrilled to announce the release of our most recent album, # 8211, an eight-track music collection that features brand-new songs and well-known hits from Linkin Park and Mike Shinoda. The fact that Mike Shinoda’s new song” Now Around” is exclusively available on Beat Saber before its official global release makes this a significant moment for the platform. Fans will get to hear his music for the first time here, along with huge Linkin Park hits like” Numb/ Encore ,”” Crawling ,” and” Lost.”

    Beat Saber launches Linkin Park x Mike Shinoda Music Pack – out today on PS VR2 and PS VR

    &# 8220, I’m overjoyed to work with Beat Saber once more to provide fans and musicians with even more music by me, Linkin Park, and Fort Minor. I also can’t wait to release my brand-new single,” Even Over ,” through the platform. Linkin Park having a second song pack is an honor, and I hope everyone enjoys listening to the new songs. &# 8221,

    Mike Shinoda, # 8211

    There was a lot of ideas to draw from when creating the beatmaps for this group. As fans are aware, Linkin Park and Mike Shinoda’s audio transcends nu-metal, hard stone, and hip-hop and cannot be neatly categorized into a single style. People will have the chance to engage themselves completely in the pulsing tracks below:

    1. Already Over Mike Shinoda, # 8211
    2. Linkin Park’s Crawling & # 8211
    3. Linkin Park, Fighting Myself & # 8211
    4. In My Head Mike Shinoda, # 8211 & Kaliee Morgue
    5. Linkin Park Lost & # 8211
    6. More The Victim and Linkin Park, # 8211
    7. Linkin Park, Jay-Z, Numb / Encore, and # 8211
    8. Keep in mind the Name( feat ). ( Styles of Beyond ) and # 8211, Fort Minor

    Although Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, and Fort Minor &# 8211 have overlapping members and sounds, we wanted people to experience each artist individually through distinctive beatmaps and light shows. To make the experience also more unique, we added their logos to each track as well as illustrations on the walls and floor that resemble the artist in question.

    Our most recent and cutting-edge lighting system is used to segment the tunnel in the fresh advanced environment, which is an improvement over the original music pack release from 2020. Each light exhibit also includes some sort of story-telling where we play with the brand action to follow the song lyrics. This is our first environment that gives us complete control over the parts.

    Building a beatmap for Mike Shinoda’s special trail was one of the most thrilling aspects of working on this package. We were the first to hear the song, and we wanted to make sure that when players initially hear it, it’s as incredible as it can be while slashing to the defeat and launching into an engrossing light show.

    This is Linkin Park’s second album with Beat Saber; a tremendously successful 11-song album was released in 2020. We’ve updated the initial music pack with an improved atmosphere and rates, including Arc &# 038, Chain Notes, to commemorate the most recent release. Switching between the old and new rates is simple for people. Anyone who has the unique music group can download this upgrade for free; all players have to do is update their game.

    There are several approaches to see Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park on Beat Saber:

    $ 10.99( or$ 1.99 USD per song ) is the cost of the Linkin Park x Mike Shinoda Music Pack. The Combo Bundle, which includes both today’s new group and the initial package from 2020( 19 tunes in total ), is available to fans who missed out on the first Linkin Park Music Pack. for$ 21.99 USD. Additionally, if you’re new to Beat Saber, the Ultimate Bundle just costs$ 45.99 USD and includes both the Oxygen. G. Linkin Park Music Pack and the brand-new park park x Mike Shinoda songs pack in addition to the base game.

    All of them are now accessible via PlayStation VR2 and VR.

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