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    November 16: New Dredge DLC approaching port side

    We are overjoyed to proclaim The Pale Reach, Dredge’s first official development, today. & nbsp, ++

    We set sail with the release of Dredge about six months ago, and the reaction has been nothing short of amazing. People have become engrossed in our ambient world, where eldritch terrors cast a shadow over the daily activities of fishermen in an abandoned community. Our little team has been working hard over the past few months to improve the Dredge experience by providing three free updates with expanded functionality, more horrible and majestic wonders, and quality-of-life improvements.

    November 16: New Dredge DLC approaching port side

    People are summoned to a brand-new, frozen frontier in Dredge: The Pale Reach— a perfect, icy region that awaits exploration by the most daring explorers. Those who find themselves in this frozen area will set out on a journey through snowy canyons, retracing the steps of ages-forgotten expeditions and revealing the fate of those who previously traveled it. Players will need to improve their ship and outfit it with specialized equipment that can break through the hard ice if they want to explore the depths of this glacier biome.

    However, a sinister undercurrent of malice permeates this world, much like it does the rest of Dredge, corrupting and twisting character itself for its evil purposes. Did those who dare to enter The Pale Reach be successful in putting an old treachery to relax? Can they stop the darkness from now encroaching?

    The Pale Reach may introduce 11 fresh fish and crab species( along with their aberrated counterparts ) as well as an extra Fish Type in addition to fresh story content. No matter where you’re fishing, you can also gain access to a new product that increases the beauty of takes.

    When we first designed Dredge, we had thought about creating an icy region, but the other biomes felt better due to the tale we wanted to show and the amount of time needed to create the game. After its debut, it quickly rose to the top of players’ lists for fresh biomes, with the community wondering what it might be like and also coming up with fan art that was influenced by it. We are thrilled to get bringing this concept to life for gamers. & nbsp,

    On November 16, The Pale Reach will debut, and we hope players will like this icy addition to Dredge &# 8217’s world. We’re working diligently on The Iron Rig, our upcoming expansion, so we won’t be stopping here neither. We look forward to sharing more with you soon. & nbsp,

    Keep an eye on the ice until next.

    October 20, 2023, Indie Time: All Announcements

    • November 16: New Dredge DLC approaching port side
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