Friday, December 1, 2023

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    Starting today, PS VR2 will receive eerie new Scenes from Pistol Whip’s 13th collection.

    That’s right, PlayStation VR2 fans: Pistol Whip, our Physical Action Rhythm match, just celebrated its twelfth birthday! Elixir of Madness This Collection of fantastical delights offers three brand-new Moments to dance and shake your way through, as well as a whole new genre of music that will keep your bones thumping until morning.

    If you dare, study on for five reasons to see the eerie amazing that is the Elixir of Madness Collection.

    It’s the holiday time!

    If you’re in the feeling for some seasonal bothers with your VR games, Elixir has you covered as the nights grow colder and the night drag on forever. With waves of horrifying attackers, new unearthly environments, and horrors that some might even say are… unknowable, this collection can rival your best neon nightmares.

    ( The best part ) There is no sign of a jumpscare. You’re very preoccupied with tearing down the dance floor to do that!

    Armies of dance skeletons

    Do you need to declare more? The underwater mirth of 1920s bounce clubs and classic horror film served as the inspiration for Elixir of Madness. Combine those two elements to create something magnificent: a swarm of remains actually performing the Charleston.

    However, keep an eye out because some of these scurrying corpses are attacking in terrifying innovative way. Watch the horizon carefully, and perhaps even the ground beneath your own two feet.

    Tommy Guns with two – wielding

    The powerful Sawed-Off Shotgun, the ominous Skull Bludgeon, and the burst-fire Tommy Gun are the three new arms Elixir adds to your impressive army. It’s time to unleash your inner zoot suit-wearing bandit and go in guns( or skulls ) because you can dual-wield pretty much anything in Pistol Whip, it &# 8217. Blazing!

    An odd story of celestial thrills

    While you were immersed in five distinctive sunglasses during our summer time, Overdrive, Elixir of Madness! opens with a frightful scene, including slick roads, lonely cars, and an abandoned palace that beckons you outside. You only need to take one step in to know your fate; you’ll have to fight your way through haunted catacombs, repulsive laboratories, and even your own falling mind.

    Electroswing is a completely new style.

    It’s been obvious that tracks don’t have to be EDM to go hard ever since our foray into the wild, wild west with the Smoke &# 038, Thunder cinematic campaign. To take you three nasty new songs to bounce, jive, and remain alive to, we’re pleased to collaborate with electroswing performers Odd Chap, Duke Skellington,and the Electric Swing Circus. ( These Scenes will still have you sweating at the highest difficulty, so don’t be fooled by the retro vibes and brass sections! )

    Let us know if you’re interested in hearing about even more distinctive audio styles coming to Pistol Whip. In reality, we may already have something significant in the plays.

    The second Scene, Halloween Party, from Elixir of Madness has just been made available for play in Pistol Whip on PlayStation VR2. The following week may bring a new scene, Kicking Up Dirt and My Mind, so keep an eye out for them.

    Everyone, had a fantastic Halloween season, and let us hear which new Madness Scene from Elixir will eventually appear in your nightmares.

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