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    How the interactive PS5 features in Rulers of the Fallen, released on October 13

    Lampbearer, congratulations. Lords of the Fallen, our first game below at Hexworks, will be released on Friday, October 13, and we hope you have a great time in the spectacular and terrifying earth we’ve been painstakingly and diligently creating for the past three decades. The second action-RPG to be created using Unreal Engine 5 is Lords of the Fallen, which, when combined with the strength of PlayStation 5 and the distinctive characteristics of a DualSense accountant, creates an interactive experience unlike any other.

    A decade after the beast heaven Adyr was banished from the earth, Lords of the Fallen is a enticing black dream set in the devastated land of Mournstead. Of course, sin will always exist. Now that a growing problem heralds his horrifying profit, it is up to players to assume the role of Dark Crusader, vanquish Adyr’s henchmen, and expel him once more. They’ll use the power of a strong and divine lamp, an object of ungodly power that enables players to easily and in real time travel from Axion, the brutal realm of the living, to Umbral, which is the nightmarish realm for the dead, in order to assist them in completing that herculean task.

    Thanks to the ultra-fast SSD on the PlayStation 5, we were confident that we could deliver our eyesight of a smooth transition between two worlds, but we also wanted to improve the prosperous and immersive experience for players by utilizing the special features that DualSense offers. The dynamic triggers on the DualSense mobile controller gave us the chance to alter the feel of each team of weapons, giving players intense feedback by varying the resistance of a trigger pull, allowing them to almost feel the weapon in their hands. For example, medium weapons and heavy weapons feel progressively more significant to employ, despite the fact that light and crossbows have a lower resistance attached to them. Bow have an even higher trigger resistance, mimicking the sensation of pulling the string up before aiming an arrow at the impending horrors.

    Players who use weighty charged attacks will feel the cost at their fingertips when the majority of the trigger is entirely pulled back, preventing the attack from being completely unleashed for immersion’s sake. Players won’t be able to complete the attack with disastrous effect until they have pulled the trigger up the rest of the method.

    A critical tool for players is sensory feedback, which enables them to experience every light and heavy attack. We’ve made sure that people are aware of precisely when their Dark Crusader receives a blow from an opponent or sustains drop injury. When they are first killed, they will also experience the transition from Axiom to Umbral and the damaging frequency of bosses roaring. The divine Umbral lamp, which is always firmly held in the brooding protagonist’s right hand, will also carefully rumble the right side of the DualSense when it is close to various hotspots throughout Mournstead.

    Of course, the DualSense wireless controller &# 8230 has allowed us to create and improve more than just the Lords of the Fallen feel; there is also an additional layer of sound. Every step taken by the Dark Crusader is visible, revealing the perilous journey players take throughout the game, not only through the PS5’s complete 3D sound capabilities but also through its speaker. Players’ distinctive sounds also emanate from the operator’s speaker when they use a weapon to strike their opponents, whether it be one of the many melee, ranged, or magic spells available.

    Finally, the speaker on the DualSense mobile controller serves as a container for the enigmatic Umbral lamp’s sounds. This unearthly, divine artifact, amassed by the now-Dark-Crusader at the beginning of the sport, whispers to gamers as various events take place, including when the light is used to pull the very souls of enemies’ bodies using the Soul Flay engineer and more.

    These music details, along with Lords of the Fallen’s wealthy and compelling sound design, add an extra layer of depth to the whole auditory experience, making the difficult tasks that players must complete as they navigate Axiom and Umbral always seem far away.

    Lords of the Fallen will be released on PlayStation 5 on October 13 and is currently available for pre-order.

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