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    The following teaser for the day suggests Kim Young-Dae has a strong desire for vengeance.

    The Chosunilbo JNS | Imazins via Getty Images is the picture credit.

    Moon in the Day, an future South Korean drama series, has unveiled its second teaser. The plot revolves around a tragic love story that spans more than 500 times and alternates between the past and present.

    The K-drarama stars Kim Young-dae and Pyo Ye-jin in two roles and is based on the well-known webcomics Moonrise During the Day by Heyum. Ye-jin takes on the roles of Kang Young-hwa from the present and Ha Ni-ta, respectively, while the female lead portrays Han Jun Oh of the modern era and Would Ha of Silla Dynasty.

    Watch the day’s following moon teaser above:

    In the day trailer, Kim Young-dae makes a promise to seek retribution in the New Moon.

    A new Moon in the Day preview from ENA features a painful love story. Han Joon-o, a lovely major Asian star who struggles with an inferiority complex, is played by Kim Young-dae in the television series. Kang Young hwa( Pyo Ye jin ), a firefighter turned bodyguard, saves him when he is involved in an automobile accident.

    Do Ha, a gentleman from the Villa kingdom, is in possession of Joon-o’s body when he wakes up after the accident. He was murdered by his family, Ha Ni-ta, and has been seeking retribution for more than 1,500 times. Ha Ni-ta, but, reincarnated as Young – hwa and as a result, she is unable to recall anything from her previous existence.

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    Do Ha is shown in the first scene of the recently released trailer sporting a mark on his neck and an clothing from the Silla dynasty. He turns to face Kang Young-hwa, who is sporting her contemporary appearance and is gazing lovingly at Do Ha.

    The trailer also depicts a scene from the past in which the main characters are in love. After Ha Ni – ta problems Do Ha with a dagger around his neck, like appears to vanish as horror and treason fill the air. During the scene, a line that reads,” My lover who killed me ,” appears. Shortly after, Do Ha and Young-hwa are seen facing each other over the balcony of a building. Does Ha say,” I’m sure I’ll kill you second this moment.”

    Pictures pictures of the moon in the day suggest a tragic love story.

    ENA even released several pictures pictures from Moon in the Day in addition to the next trailer.

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    The images show the start of the dreadful tale of Do Ha and Ha Ni-ta in Silla. In one of the photos, Ni-ta tenderly places her hand on her father’s cheek as the couple wears dark clothing and looks into each other. The following also depicts Do Ha dozing off on his wife’s circle while she observes him. The third and fourth images depict range and heartbreak, which creates a unique atmosphere.

    Every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m. KST on ENA, Moon in the Day is scheduled to debut on October 25, 2023. Additionally, the crisis will be accessible on Viki.

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