Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    An overview of the Access controller’s creation process and a first look at its user-friendly presentation

    Today, we’re happy to share a more in-depth look at the Access controller’s growth, including an initial glance of its available packaging, as we get ready to introduce it to the accessibility community on December 6. Behind the scenes, our hardware and UI designers, along with user research leads, talk about how they collaborate with accessibility organizations on a highly personalized PS5 controller kit made to make it easier and longer for gamers with disabilities to enjoy:

    Inside the development journey of the Access controller and a first look at its accessible packaging

    We have been working on the Access controller’s design since it was first developed five years ago, and we have had many intelligent conversations with accessibility specialists and disabled community playtesters. Our objective was to develop a cutting-edge style that could accommodate various player requirements.

    For us, the time you open the product’s box is when it becomes available. The Access operator’s packaging has further loops on the inside to make it easier to open the boxes and slip the controller out, and it is made to be perforated with just one hand. The interior has slots that make it simple to layer the numerous kit parts, including the 19 identical button caps and the 3 stick caps, for easy access and identification.

    Visit: https :// www.playstation.com / accessories-access-controller / for more information on all the features offered in the Access controller as well as to preorder your own.

    Exposure controller Logitech G Adaptive Gaming System

    While the Access controller is designed as an “out of the box” solution for many players with disabilities, there is a wide spectrum of diverse needs within the accessibility community. Today, we’re also very happy to introduce the Exposure controller Logitech G Adaptive Gaming System*, an official accessory kit developed by Logitech in collaboration with our SIE team and the accessibility community. 

    This collection of additional high-performance, long-lasting buttons and causes for the Access joystick is a complete set of controls that you can assign, tag, and trade out. The system comes with: Available globally on LogitechG.com and through a few retail locations beginning in January 2024 for the suggested retail price of$ 79.99 Dollar |$ 109.99 CAD |€ 79.99 |£ 69.99.

    • Eight plug-and-play buttons and triggers, including two light-touch buttons, two varying trigger controls, and two little buttons with gaming-grade mechanical switches. On your PS5 unit, you can easily set them up to meet your gaming requirements.
    • dependable games mats with a hook-and-loop system that enables you to easily arrange triggers and buttons to suit your particular requirements.
    • Velcro ties are used to improve mounting options, including the attachment of triggers and buttons to items like arm rests.
    • You can easily indicate your switches and triggers for smooth gameplay by creating custom stick-on labels for PS5 symbols.

    The Exposure controller Logitech G Adaptive Gaming System provides even more options for players and is part of our effort to offer as many customization options as possible, based on our conversations with the accessibility community. In addition to Logitech’s product, players can also connect other third-party buttons, specialty trigger switches and other compatible accessories to the Access controller using its four industry-standard 3.5mm expansion ports.

    A gif which shows the four different 3.5mm posts on the Access Controller in use.

    We can’t wait to see how the accessibility society will alter and utilize the Access controller in a variety of inventive ways. We appreciate your continued support, and keep checking back for updates as we approach our December release!

    * Access joystick for the PS5 system is available separately. & nbsp,

    By PlayStation Official blog (blog.playstation.com)

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