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New Pokémon Legends: Arceus Gameplay Preview Offers Best Look Yet At What This Game Actually Is

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have released a new gameplay preview trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus and it’s a 13-minute look at what we’ll actually be doing in the game when it launches on January 28.  It offers the best look yet at this new take on the Pokémon formula, which is especially exciting because as of late, Nintendo has been churning out trailer after trailer showcasing essentially the same content. Not to mention, no official public hands-on previews have happened for this game so we don’t even know what playing Arceus feels like. However, today’s gameplay preview video provides some answers to a lot of the questions we had.  Click here to watch embedded media Exploration The trailer doubles down on the open-hub nature of the Hisui region, citing that each biome has different Pokémon to catch, terrain to traverse, and raw materials to gather. These raw materials can be used to craft items such as healing items, lures, smoke bombs, Poké Balls, and more, and the narrator says your Pokémon can help you find these materials too.  Wild Pokémon Different Pokémon appear based on the time of the day and weather conditions. Plus, different species have different temperaments. Some are skittish and might run away. Others are aggressive. If a Pokémon detects you, it will be in an alert state and it will deflect all Poké Balls you throw at it. In order to catch an alert Pokémon, you’ll need to battle it with one of your own.  You can distract Pokémon with things like food, too. Also, if you encounter aggressive Pokémon, they might immediately attack you and if you take too much damage, you’ll blackout and lose some of the items you were carrying.  Pokédex  As part of the Survey Corps, your job is to fill out the Pokédex. This doesn’t just consist of catching Pokémon – that will only get some of the survey report filled out. You’ll need to witness them doing certain moves or observe them at different parts of the day to learn more about the species and ultimately, complete their Pokédex entry.  Traversing The Hisui Region Because of how large the Hisui region is, you’ll have access to special “blessed” Pokémon that you can ride on. For example, you can ride Wyrdeer to navigate land faster, but you can also immediately hop onto the back of a Hisuian Braviary to fly through the skies, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire-style. Basculegion lets you skim through the rivers and seas of the Hisui region, too.  Jubilife Village Jubilife Village is the center of operations for the Galaxy Expeditions Team, which is a group of people who have set up camp in the Hisui region to learn about it and the Pokémon within. They’re made up of the Survey Corps, Security Corps, and Medical Corps. Jubilife is your home base and it’s here you’ll collect tasks and turn in completed ones. You can also purchase crafted items and clothes here, and trade Pokémon with other players here, too.  Missions and Requests Part of the gameplay loop of Arceus is completing missions and requests. The latter are small tasks to help the people of Hisui while the former is how you progress through Arceus’ story. You can use your Arc Phone in a very Sheikah Slate-way to set waypoints, map out the region, and more as well.  Battle As expected, battling in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is turn-based, like the traditional Pokémon games. However, there’s a twist in the form of different move styles. If you use an Agile-Style move, it raises the user’s action speed, which means their next move might happen sooner but the move will be weaker. Strong-Style moves, on the other hand, cause your Pokémon to sit out for a move and in return, hit stronger the next time they attack.  Alpha Pokémon will be tough to battle but easily spotted thanks to their large size and glowing red eyes. Catching them will be tough, but it will be worth it.  Customization You can customize your character with a variety of clothing items at the Clothier in Jubilife Village. As you progress through the journey of Arceus, you’ll unlock more and more items including hairstyles, shirts, pants, and more.  Noble Pokémon Noble Pokémon are special frenzied creatures that rampage across the Hisui region. They’re easy to spot, too, as they glow gold. These are essentially boss battles. Depleting their health won’t end the fight. Instead, you’ll need to throw special balms at them made of their favorite food. In between throwing balms, you’ll need to dodge its attacks to survive. At some point during the fight, the Pokémon will reveal an opening and then you can attack. Now, you have to actually defeat it in battle before you can finally catch it. The narrator promises that these will be some of the toughest battles in the entire game.  And that’s where the video ends. Pokémon Legends: Arceus will hit the Switch on January 28. While waiting for its release, catch up on some of the recently-released trailers, starting with this Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer that introduces the Diamond and Pearl clans to the game. Watch this trailer for a better look at the environments, NPCs, and Pokémon we’ll be catching after that, and then watch this one for a better look at the crafting in the game.  Are you excited for Pokémon Legends: Arceus? Let us know in the comments below!
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    Marketing: Meaning And Features

    Concept And Meaning Of MarketingLet's try to understand the meaning of marketing with the help of some definitions by different scholars and writers.Old Concept...

    NCT 127 Think about Growing as a combined group, Spreading K-Pop at KCON 2018 NY

    CJ Entertainment Officially, NCT 127 was not the headliner of KCON 2018 New York, but the intricate setlist and crowd screams would have made one think otherwise. Kicking off with an intense dance introduction, pin-point performances of singles like "Touch" and "Cherry Bomb," and even a special rendition of their 2017 b-side track "Whiplash," the boy band delivered one of the longest sets of the fest and left an audibly obvious impact on the Prudential Center arena. The scene-stealing showcase marked the latest step in NCT 127's steady trajectory to more American visibility that recently included stops at Beats 1 radio, BUILD Series, and even a live Apple Store performance. Talking to Fuse the morning ahead of the set, the nine members reflected on their growth in the past year, where they see their band going in the future and the love that they have for the other members in their NCT brand. FUSE: NCT 127 is back in America! We first talked to you at KCON New York last year, your first U.S. show, so how are you feeling a year later?Taeyong: It's similar. What we're feeling is very similar, but now we're headed towards new goals in what we want to do. We're always thinking about what kind of songs we need to sing, what kind of performance we need to put on and what's good to show our fans. So overall, it's very similar, but it's always comes down to what's next to show to the fans.Mark: One more thing to add to that, like what Taeyong said, we do feel the same way with how thrilled we are to stand in front of our fans and with as much that has happened in the year, we have new things to show to the fans music-wise and performance-wise. We want to show how much we've developed as well and so we're just glad to meet our fans who have waiting for us. We also prepared a new intro for "Touch" and it's a lot stronger than what people are expecting, it's going to be the first thing that everyone sees. We also have three members perform one of our new songs "Whiplash" so people can look forward to something new. It really does feel like you guys are leading this kind of "new generation of K-pop," as they say. Do you guys feel this yourselves?Taeyong: Rather than being able to feel that we are leading this new generation, we feel that K-pop as a genre is at the forefront of attention around the world. We have to try really hard as just one of the K-pop artists in this genre and we feel like we need to really just do our best within this genre. But I think we're going to be in every spot in the whole wide world. Recently, you participated in the Empathy album by NCT that included a song and video performed by NCT 2018 with all 18 members in the band. What is a video shoot like that like?Haechan: All the members were involved and because there are so many members we had to concentrate a lot harder and there were a lot more things to pay attention to. But because we tried hard, the end result was actually a lot better. In regards to atmosphere of the music video, because everyone was there it was actually really great. Everyone was feeling great and, in general, it was just good.  We saw you in Los Angeles recently performing and doing interviews. Now you're back in New York. Is the US more of a priority for NCT 127 this year? Taeyong: Yes!Johnny: [Clarifying] I feel like we are always getting ready to come out to wherever, even America, even anywhere else, because NCT 127 as a team is a group that starts in Seoul and we want to spread out into the world just to tell everyone what K-pop is. We want to show everyone what NCT 127 is, so we're always ready to come to America—come to anywhere, practically! You also recently made your debut in Japan and fans are hoping for news about a Korean comeback. What are you working on right now?Jaehyun: We are always preparing new songs, new performances, and I hope we have more opportunities to meet more fans like over the world. I think we are always ready.Mark: We actually don't know the exact date or anything [in regards to new Korean music], but I feel like we are always getting ready to kind of like make something, you know, to get back to our fans as quickly as possible. [We're involved with] every angle of the preparation, we're just trying to interact with the music. We are working on it.  “I ask fans to keep their expectations high for the group.” — NCT's Taeyong KCON has a great lineup this year including some of your label mates like Super Junior and Red Velvet. But if you bring on one more artist to the lineup, who would you bring?Taeyong: There are a lot of different artists in SM Entertainment, and there are a lot of our seniors in SM, but because there are a lot of our members in NCT, I think we would really like it if we could perform at KCON with the other members of NCT.  And do you have a message to the fans that are reading around the world and that may not get to see you as often as other areas of the world?Johnny: So, first off, I would like to say thank you for always, I guess like, always rooting for us and supporting us. We are always working on something to show you guys, so I hope you guys are always ready to come out and be like, "Whoa, NCT is finally back!" Taeyong: We're really happy that we can, once again, meet all our fans in New York and we want to continue to make great memories with our fans. NCT is going to continue to grow as a group, and I ask fans to keep their expectations high for the group.

    Liam Payne Talks Debut Album, Journey to Solo Stardom

    Emerging from pop-rock group One Direction, Liam Payne tells Fuse after ten years of trusting the process and dedication he is set to release his debut album this fall. Having worked with Quavo, Zedd, J Balvin, Rita Ora and more Payne reveals he doesn't want to "pigeonhole" himself and wants to give fans a taste of everything. With five hit singles showcasing how versatile Payne can be, the new dad explains his debut will be a "mixed bag" and more of a playlist. "My debut album is kind of a bit of a mix bag at the minute. The idea I went for is one, I want to see what people want from me. I'm really into the idea of finding out what it is because I'm trying to do it myself," says the 24-year-old. "And we are doing so many different great songs. I mean, you know, from what you've heard so far. I've done so many different genres of music." Payne also shares how an experience in Peru influenced him to infuse Latin vibes into his music which would become "Later" featuring J Balvin. Watch the full interview above where Payne discusses traveling being the "biggest education" anyone can have and his first headline concert. Speaking of Liam Payne and Rita Ora's recent "For You (Fifty Shades Freed)" collab, throw it back to 2014 when Ora spoke about her highly-anticipated 50 Shades of Grey role as Mia Grey: 

    EXID Dive Deep Into '90s Nostalgia, Discuss Future Plans at KCON 2018 NY

    CJ Entertainment From an unexpected viral hit in 2014 to a member's health battle needing to have her sit out of a few album releases, EXID's road to K-pop stardom has been atypical but the cheers from the KCON crowd would make one think otherwise. Earning some of the biggest roars at KCON 2018 New York, the girl group performed their '90s-inspired new single "Lady," along with a handful of other singles, to greet their U.S. fans on the East Coast. Backstage at the final Day 2 concert of KCON 2018, just as the news hit that a record-breaking 53,000 K-pop fans had officially attended the festival, EXID spoke to Fuse looked back at their best memories from the '90s, looked forward to what's coming next and more.  FUSE: Your latest single "Lady" is obviously inspired by the '90s. You guys are '90s babies, growing up in that time. Do you remember any songs that were really really popular in Korea during the '90s time or from your childhood?Jeonghwa: I was very young, born in 1995, so by the time I was able to actually listen to music and remember it was already the '00s so  probably the other members that are better off answering this question. [Laughs]Hani: JYP [Park Jin Young], I really liked JYP songs. Hyelin: I would have school festivals and my friend and I would actually cover groups like S.E.S and Fin.K.L. and I think that actually helped my dream to become a singer.LE: I remember songs from Biggie— who's from New York! Where we are!— and Tupac, yes, of course. Songs like "California Love," I remember listening to a lot of old hip-hop music and songs. We definitely feel like trends repeat themselves and we're so happy that they're able to sing songs that we heard when we were younger. Do you see any other trends from your childhoods coming back?Hyelin: I remember "fanny packs." In Korea, they called it a sack, but it's called a fanny pack. Yeah, but it's coming back, we call it a side, you know, a side bag because it's cooler. But for me, I remember that it's specifically something my dad wore at that time, but now it's something that people wear.Hani: Bucket hats are back in style. And just like how the rim go around and round, trends go around and around, you know? And to add on to that, even when it comes to pants, back then there were pants with really wide legs, but it's starting to come back. And once again fashion, it comes and goes. No more skinny jeans for me. Thank you for all those memories, but looking forward to the future, what else does EXID have coming in 2018?Jeonghwa: Solji's health has been recovering very well and as we're watching her health get better, we're looking to come back as all five. I want a group comeback and the group wants the fans to continue to expect us to come back as all five. We really do hope that the fans continue to wait for us. “We feel like the world is just starting to come around and show love for K-pop” — Jeonghwa 2018 feels like a really special year for K-pop. EXID's music is reaching so many more people than ever, I think. Do you feel that it's a special year too?Hyelin: First off, we didn't have as much time to go abroad, but when we do see our group mentioned in the media we look into it and we're always touched to see what's being said about us and that we're being talked about overseas. When we do get a chance to go abroad, there are fans at the airport and those are the times when we realize that we're being loved overseas. Anytime we see our fans overseas, we get so much energy and so much support. We're always very thankful.Jeonghwa: Not just our team, but all the Korean teams are trying so hard to achieve their dreams and it's just right now that we feel like the world is just starting to come around and show love for this genre of music.Hani: And we feel so proud that it might just be because we're part of this genre, you know? We see that K-pop culture is actually growing right now, starting to be accepted in this world, and it's really surprising. So we feel this sense of pride to be part of this growing genre.

    Watch Young M.A 'Rant and Rave' About Iconic Moments in Hip-Hop

    Young M.A came through to the Fuse office for a Hip-Hop at 45 edition of our Rant and Rave series. Hailing from Brooklyn, N.Y., the emcee shares her thoughts Jeezy's "Snowman" movement, dance waves in hip-hop and the late '80s to early '90s hip-hop rivalry between legendary KRS-One and Marley Marl.  "That was like lit man, I ain't gon lie," she says on the Queensbridge vs. Kingsbridge rivalry. "KRS-One man, he was holding it down. I like MC Shan, though. I wasn't born when that beef happened. When I grew up on hip-hop and I was learning a lot about hip-hop, I remember that beef." Watch the full Rant and Rave interview above where the 26-year-old also discusses Missy Elliot's iconic black suit, 50 Cent's "Many Men (Wish Death)" and gives Soulja Boy a shout out for making an impact on the hip-hop dance movement.  Below, watch the legendary trio Salt-N-Pepa rate a few hip-hop fashion statements, dance moves and even their own video:

    Red Velvet BREAKDOWN Creating an English Version of 'Bad Boy,' Musical Aspirations at KCON 2018 NY

    CJ Entertainment They may be based in Korea, but the world is demanding more Red Velvet.  From their first official fan meetup in Chicago last April to landing hits in Canada and releasing original music in Japan, the girl group is becoming increasingly in-demand internationally and the quintet wanted to make sure their time at KCON 2018 New York was used well.  The ladies delivered one of the biggest surprises of the festival when they performed a half-English version of their hit single "Bad Boy" on the KCON stage, a major nod to their growing overseas fanbase. Backstage at the fest, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri spoke to Fuse about how the performance came together, where it's signaling their future music and more. FUSE: You've done a lot of KCONs, your first U.S. performance was at the 2015 KCON in Los Angeles, you performed at the Mexico City date in 2017. How is this New York show going to be different?Irene: This time, we prepared a special stage of "Bad Boy." The first verse is going to be with the original Korean verses, and then the second verse is going to be in English so we would like it if everyone would enjoy it a lot. Can you take us through the process of making this happen? When did you have time to plan this?!Wendy: We really don't have any time, but just for the fans we work it out.Yeri: The company helped us out.Wendy: Someone at the company wrote the English lyrics, but then we saw the lyrics and we kind of talked it out a bit and decided what should be changed and such.  Speaking of other languages, your debut Japanese single just dropped with "#Cookie Jar." It's very fun and funky. What can we expect from your Japanese debut? Any particular tracks you're excited about?Irene: The performance is really strong and I feel like it's exploding with energy. With that, the performance also matches with the lyrics so there's also little cute parts to it so you can have high expectations in that sense.Seulgi: The album will be out July 4, but there's a track on the album that we actually sang in our tour. The song is for the fans so while we already sang it for the fans, it's still really special.Wendy: Also, we are debuting with the new Japanese song, but maybe if we get a chance we might have another song in English, maybe? Like today, we're performing half in English, and even though it's the second verse only, maybe we can have "Bad Boy" out in English?  Are you hinting at something, Wendy?Wendy: No! [Laughs] I'm saying maybe it's just the second verse, but maybe at a point we may have a whole song. It'd be really nice. Last time we spoke, you talked about how you wanted to try out a lot of different genres and inspirations from different artists. Where are you hoping you go next musically?Seulgi: While we were preparing for "Bad Boy," I got a lot of inspiration by watching Rihanna videos and watching her perform. I was actually preparing to see how I could incorporate what I learned from Rihanna into "Bad Boy," so that that was actually something very recent I used for inspiration. And while our concept that we're going to continue to do isn't this, my personal feelings are that I would like to do something very retro.Joy: I also really likes that retro concept. I recently watched Bruno Mars' "Finesse" [video] and I was shocked. It has that retro feel to it, but it's still really fresh when you're watching the choreography and the passion in it. I personally really like New Jack Swing and I hope that maybe Red Velvet can try out something like that as well.

    Pentagon Talk Slow-Burning Success of 'Shine,' Continuing the Momentum at KCON 2018 NY

    CJ Entertainment While Pentagon wasn't the newest artist on the KCON 2018 New York lineup, they may have been the K-pop act with the most to prove. A year and a half after their debut, the 10-member boy band found an unexpected hit in the rising success of "Shine," a feel-good bouncy hip-hop number that highlighted the group's penchant for slick raps and playful melodies. The track not only became their first hit in Korea, but marked a breakout success for them on the U.S. charts too. Backstage at the festival, the nine Pentagon boys (member Yanan had a previous commitment overseas) were clear in their intentions to keep the momentum going while recognizing the hard work and experimentation that brought them to where they were today. Read on for their thoughts on what contributed to their breakout hit, exciting future plans and more. FUSE: It's great to have Pentagon in New York for your first East Coast performance! How are you all feeling?Hongseok: I think everybody's excited to be in New York, for most of us, this is the first time being here in New York and meeting our fans in New York so I think everybody's excited. You're down a member, but still one of the biggest groups here. What's it like traveling with nine or ten people?Wooseok: We won't easily get bored, because we are still nine members, but we sometimes have a conflict whenever we order food—Hongseok: Because everyone has different tastes! But we're working on it. Pentagon debuted in late 2016, but "Shine" really was a slow-burning hit that got you noticed. Why do you think it took a moment for people to connect with that song?Hui: We debuted a year and a half ago and tried various things and concept. In that year and a half, we were able to find the color that fits our team and, speaking as the leader, we're so very proud we were able to find exact color that fits the team perfectly. I think because of that, the public were able to enjoy what fits Pentagon so well in a song like "Shine." Something I want to add is that I've felt recently the year and a half was a very special and heartfelt time for me because it was a time that has made us realize that we are very grateful. We received this love and the love of the public after a year and a half, and we're only now realizing it and we can appreciate it so much more. Because it took that long time, we're able to appreciate a lot more than if it came soon.   You produce and write your own music, so how did it eventually click where you thought this is the right sound for you?Hui: So, rather than finding that perfect matching point of finding the song that fits us, during the year and a half that they were creating music, something that I realized was that some of our music might be a little hard to listen to starting from very early in the morning. Before we had written 'Shine', I had thought maybe that we wanted to create a song that could be easily listened to whether it was morning time or right before people went to sleep, and that was the basis of "Shine." E'Dawn was also involved in it so we were able to create a very unique song that was easy-listening but, in the same sense, had a message and a very fun sound to it. You guys have released songs under the Vocal Unit and Rap Unit names. Are there any more sub-unit projects in the works?Shinwon: Actually, we have another unit. The name is WooShinYan—three members Wooseok, Shinwon and Yanam so WooShinYan. We're going to release music. We're very lonely and lazy... [Laughing]Hongseok: [Clarifying] They can't promise when they're going come out as a unit, but they are having plans and having discussions about having the unit. “We're very confident that we are going to shine amongst all K-pop stars.” — Pentagon's Yeoone What else do we need to know about Pentagon in 2018?E'Dawn: I heard was that Triple H was gonna be coming out soon. [Laughs] With very good music, and the color of the group is gonna be something very new that hasn't been seen yet. Hui: And then in August, we also will be coming back in Japan. And as soon as possible, we'll release a new album in Korea. And while fans are awaiting for that, do you have a message for them? Yeoone: First off, we are thankful for all of the support that we've been shown, but we also want all our fans to have high expectations because we are going to show more surprises in the near future. Also, what we're most proud of and what we want our fans to know the most is that we're very confident that we are going to shine amongst all of the K-pop stars. There are so many great K-pop artists, but we're gonna shine amongst them as one of the better performance artists and we're going to make fans proud of us as a group.

    Snow Tha Product on Calling Latinos 'Spanish,' Her Love for Strip Clubs & More

    With eight mixtapes, numerous collaborations and a debut album under her belt, Snow Tha Product has validated her spot in the rap game. As one of Fuse's Hip-Hip at 45 featured artists, the 31-year-old rapper sat down with Fuse to either "rant" or "rave" about a variety of hot topics from strip clubs, sex robots to calling Latinos "Spanish."  Fresh off the release of her catchy, bouncy track "Myself" featuring D.R.A.M. and traveling from city to city on her Vibe Higher Tour, the Mexican-American lyricist ranted about he proper term to use for anyone of Latin American origin. Admitting she doesn't care, Snow explains Latinos have more pressing issues than worrying about people calling them "Spanish" instead of "Latino." Rant and Rave"There are worse things that we can be called," she adds. "Call me Spanish, Hispanic, Latina... whatever you want. But you know, don't call me an animal, Donald Trump. You f--king piece of shit!" Snow also reveals her love for strip clubs and tells Fuse she's a fan. "Strip clubs we love them, to a point where I almost beat up a guy yesterday over it." Watch the full interview above where she rants about sex robots, decorating and expresses her love for ferris wheels.  Next, watch the Book of Ryan emcee Royce da 5'9" also talk NBA playoffs, Twitter rants, and if he considers himself a good freestyler in a previous Rant and Rave series:

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