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AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, Free DLC Available Now

Under the direction of Akira Okada, with scenarios crafted by critically-acclaimed writer Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series), character designs by Yusuke Kozaki, and music by Keisuke Ito, AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative is a detective adventure that draws you into a near-future Tokyo where there exists the technology to enter into people’s dreams. […]
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    CS Interview: Michael K. Williams on Body Brokers, F is for Family & More

    CS Interview: Michael K. Williams on Body Brokers, F is for Family & more Just in time for the true crime drama’s digital debut, got the opportunity to chat with four-time Emmy nominee Michael K. Williams to discuss Body Brokers as well as his possible return to the final season of Netflix’s F is for Family and hopes for a second season of HBO’s Lovecraft Country. RELATED: CS Video: Land Interviews With Director & Stars Robin Wright & Demián Bichir Body Brokers is a really interesting concept and it’s a field I feel is not really explored too often on film. What about the project really drew you to it? Michael K. Williams: I was pretty taken back that this is actually based on real events. This is, in my opinion the story and the poster child of capitalism taking advantage of vulnerable people. The same mentality that we reveal in Body Brokers, to me, is the same mentality with for-profit prisons, like these institutions are meant to rehabilitate and help to correct people’s wrongs and they get exploited. It becomes more about filling the bed than actually helping people that are in those beds, it’s just kind of disheartening, in my opinion. Then there was Wood. Wood was a huge draw for me. In a lot of the films or the stories that we’ve told or that I’ve seen that deal with addicts or recovery, it’s implied that just because a person puts down the drug or alcohol that all their problems go away and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The drug is not the problem, the drug is a symptom of the problem and there’s all sorts of character defects that still exist there when the drugs are gone. To me, Wood was a perfect example of that. CS: So what kind of research did you find yourself conducting prior to starting filming, to really get in tune with the story? MKW: There wasn’t really much research that was needed. John Swab, in my opinion, he did all the groundwork for us. You know, for me at least, I just needed to lock in and look for the truth that was already on the page. But Wood and the capitalists, it was kind of black and white until it came time when we had to make a decision that involved Utah toward the end. Other than that, he’s pretty much black and white, man. He’s a poster child for capitalists and as far as the world was concerned, everything you see on that and every frame of that movie, John Swab had already put it on the page. CS: What did you find were some of the biggest creative challenges for you then, getting to the heart of Wood? MKW: I don’t know if it was anything that was hard, but I will tell you one of the more liberating scenes when he stomps that doctor out to death, when he kills that guy. That felt really liberating in that moment, I understood where that rage is coming from of being looked down upon. It felt familiar and there was also the moment when he realized that he cared. He genuinely cared about Utah, when they had that conversation in the car, you know? That’s a really beautiful moment between Wood and Utah and Jack Kilmer, man, he just brought such a vulnerability and an honesty and a strength to Utah, it was just all right there in his eyes, man. Those two moments were very liberating for me. Click here to rent or purchase Body Brokers! CS: Since you mention Jack, so much of the film really rides on the evolving chemistry that you two have with one another. What was it like for you sort of building that chemistry with Jack prior to filming? MKW: It was effortless, he and I, I think we met on set. If you ever get to talk to him, he is effortless to, you know, I can’t really explain it, but like we say in Brooklyn, real recognize real. He’s a real young man. You know, we met on set and we actually ended up, once we worked together, then we began to hang out. It was a flow, like we hung out a little bit in Tulsa and I got to know him off the set. That happened again, like I said, after we started working, so he brings this energy to the set that you look him in his eyes and there’s nothing that needs to be said. You know where you need to go to connect because he’s all the way in it and truly, I really enjoy working with him, really enjoy it. CS: That’s fantastic. What was it also like then building the chemistry with Frank Grillo? You two don’t have too many scenes together, but the chemistry you do have in those few scenes is really intriguing to watch. MKW: I love the connection between — I forget Frank’s character’s name right now, but I love the dynamic because after we see Wood lose his temper and refer to his old ways, we see when he’s talking to Frank Grillo’s character, all of a sudden now the man becomes the child. You know, there was this moment when they’re talking in the parking lot and Wood is asking him what to do with the body and you could see the change in Wood’s energy, like Frank’s character became the fixer and Wood became the bright-eyed, the wide-eyed kid who needed to be told what to do. Frank brings this thing, he’s got this sinister-ness to him, but he gives you this assurance that everything’s going to be all right. He brought that vernacular, again effortless, he gave me what I needed to shift. Because we need to see a shift in Wood at that point. We didn’t have many scenes together, we really had like, I think really that one, but yeah, I needed that. What he brought to the table, I needed that for my shift, and it was a great exchange of energy, great. CS: A lot of the shooting locations, too, in the film really interested me, it seemed like some of it was here in LA, but then some of it seemed really sort of ambiguous as to where it was. Could you tell me what shooting on some of the locations was like? MKW: Most of the film, I think, I remember was shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I believe that’s where John Swab is from, and that’s a really forgotten city for a multitude of reasons. The opioid epidemic ran rapid there, if you remember when one of those pharma companies had to pay off all those millions of dollars or trillions of dollars or billions, whatever, but I think Johnson & Johnson made the payout for the opioid, the epidemic, when they caught them coming and going. That money went to the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma. So you know, to see the city coming out of that and there are a lot of people hurting themselves in that city, and you can see the city trying to come back from that when we were filming. That was really humbling to see. What blew my mind, what really dropped me to my knees was actually standing on the corner of Greenwood, Archer and Pine which is where Black Wall Street was, and knowing what happened there. I don’t know if you know this, but we were filming — I filmed Body Brokers while I was on break from filming Lovecraft Country, So to have that experience of going to Tulsa to tell a story like this, like Body Brokers, in a city like Tulsa, to have the opportunity to see where the ancestors used to live and what it looks like now, I can’t really put it into words, electrifying, maybe. A lot of emotion. I want to be clear, they’re coming back. The spirit of the people is alive and you see that. They may be down, but they ain’t out. The people, the spirit of the people in Tulsa, Blacks and whites, you can see the fight in their eyes, man. That city is on the mend and I just want to make that clear. I saw that, it was very humbling to see the fight that was still in that city. CS: That’s incredible. Since you do mention it, Lovecraft Country ended not too long ago with its first season and there’s been a lot of — personally, I’m hopeful for a second season, but we just heard word that the writers are still looking for a possible path for the future. Can you see yourself coming back for more, if they found a path for Montrose? MKW: Yeah, you know, it’s a lot of we’ll have to wait and see. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in Hollywood, is they say to never say never. [Laughs] But yeah, you know, I could see me going back if things aligned and the paths were still aligned. You know, that show took three years to write, so I’m not expecting anything anytime soon. By the time they were ready to start casting actors, those writers have already given two and a half years of their life in the writers’ room. I could be wrong, but I think it would be very ambitious of us as an audience to expect another season right away. I could be wrong, I don’t know. CS: Sure. I can appreciate that. For my final question, we also heard back in October that F is for Family would be coming back for one more season and I’m curious if Bill Burr has reached out to you to have you come back as Smokey for any more episodes in the final season? MKW: [In Smokey’s Voice] Damn, they want to hear that Smokey might be coming back? I don’t know, motherfucker, I hear he might be coming back. He might, he might, he might be coming back. One mo’ time, one mo’ time. [Laughs] I heard rumors that there’s going to be another season and I do hear that. CS: That would be awesome to see you come back in that role because that is one of my favorite side characters on that show. MKW: I think you stand alone because that’d be one of the funniest things I’ve ever worked on that no one knows about, so I mean, that really made my day that you even know what that is because like, nobody in my house knows. [Laughs] RELATED: Lovecraft Country Writers Plotting Out Season 2 With Hopes of Renewal Written and directed by John Swab, Body Brokers is based on a true story and centers on a drug addict who is brought to Los Angeles for treatment, but soon learns the treatment center is not meant to help people but instead acts as a coverup for a fraud operation enlisting addicts to recruit other addicts. The ensemble cast for the film includes Jack Kilmer (The Nice Guys), Williams, Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day), Alice Englert (Them That Follow), Peter Greene (The Mask), Frank Grillo (Boss Level), Melissa Leo (I Know This Much is True) and Thomas Dekker (Miss Bala) Body Brokers is now available on digital platforms and VOD, the first season of Lovecraft Country is available to stream on HBO Max and the first four seasons of F is for Family are available to stream on Netflix now!

    CS Video: Sacrifice Interview With Horror Genre Icon Barbara Crampton!

    CS Video: Sacrifice interview with horror genre icon Barbara Crampton! In time for the film’s theatrical and digital debut, go the exciting chance to chat with horror genre icon Barbara Crampton (You’re Next, We Are Still Here, Re-Animator) to discuss her work in the Lovecraftian genre pic Sacrifice! Our interview can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Sacrifice Trailer: Barbara Crampton Stars in New Lovecraftian Horror New Yorker Isaac and his pregnant wife return to a remote Norwegian village of his birth to claim an unexpected inheritance. Here they find themselves caught in a nightmare as an ancient evil awakens to claim a birthright of its own. The film is co-written and co-directed by Andy Collier and Tor Mian (The Sky in Bloom, Charismata) and sees Crampton starring alongside Dag Sorlie (That’s Interesting), Erik Lundin (Happy Hour in Paradise, Blue Eyes), Jack Kristiansen (Under the Crystal Dome, Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey), Johanna Adde Dahl, Ludovic Hughes (Murder Maps, Ride), Lukas Loughran (The Postcard Killings, Krypton) and Sophie Stevens (The Black Palace, The Haunted). Click here to rent or purchase Sacrifice! Crampton’s first dive into the world of H.P. Lovecraft came with one of her breakout roles in 1985’s adaptation of Re-Animator and would continue with her celebrated work in the following year’s From Beyond. Other notable roles of hers in the horror genre include Stuart Gordon’s Castle Freak, Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s You’re Next, Ted Geoghegan’s We Are Still Here and Jackson Stewart’s Beyond the Gates. RELATED: Exclusive Sator Clip Teases Chilling Indie Horror Treat Sacrifice is now in select theaters and on video on demand platforms and is set to hit shelves on Blu-ray on February 23.

    POLL: Who Should Win in Godzilla vs. Kong?

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    CS Interview: Richard Kelly Talks Southland Tales’ Cannes 15th Anniversary

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    CS Virtual Set Visit: Disney’s Raya and the final Dragon

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    The 5 Hawkeye Villains We Want to See in the Disney+ Series

    The 5 Hawkeye villains we want to see in the Disney+ series As filming gets underway for the highly-anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ series, fan speculation has fueled further regarding the story for Hawkeye, especially in regards to potential villains set to appear in the series in addition to Jack Duquesne, aka Swordsman. With that in mind, we decided to delve into the comic book history of the titular archer and select five of his best villains that we’d like to see come to life in the limited series. RELATED: New Hawkeye Set Photos Tease 2025 Setting and Major Plot Point Bombshell Click here to purchase all four issues of the 1983 Hawkeye series! Created by Mark Gruenwald and Eliot Brown and first appearing in the third issue of the 1983 solo Hawkeye series, Wendy Conrad, aka Bombshell, was a master juggler and an expert in explosives and joined fellow villain Oddball to eliminate Hawkeye and Mockingbird at the behest of Crossfire, though were defeated and only narrowly escaped thanks to Oddball’s brother Alvin, aka Tenpin. Her and various other villains would go on to form a group known as the Death-Throws, which would later be defeated by Hawkeye, Captain America and Mockingbird. Though it may take a while for the MCU to introduce characters such as Tenpin and Oddball to the screen worlds, fans’ desire to see Adrienne Palicki return as Mockingbird’s alter ego Bobbi Morse and the series’ New York setting would make Conrad’s introduction the perfect way to do so and could also go a long way to tease the arrival of Crossfire, widely considered to be the closest Hawkeye has to an archenemy. Griffin Though more of villain to the Avengers as a whole rather than solely Hawkeye, the Steve Englehart and Tom Sutton-created Griffin has faced off against him a handful of times, but it’s the villain’s familial ties that make him the perfect character to bring over from the pages of the comics. Born John “Johnny” Horton, Griffin was once a low-level gang member in New Orleans before moving to Chicago and working for a gangster that introduced him to the Secret Empire, which would experiment on him that resulted in his supervillain state, where he would first fight Beast and Angel of the X-Men before going on to fight the West Coast Avengers and other Marvel heroes, including Hawkeye. In the comics, Griffin has a daughter, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who previously appeared in the MCU in Agents of SHIELD as a major character, though was reimagined as an Inhuman, but given she regains her superspeed ability later in the series’ run and the lack of introduction to a father for the character, it would make for a fan-pleasing outing that further expands the universe. In addition, the Secret Society have appeared in the MCU during the second season of the short-lived Agent Carter, albeit their name changed to Council of Nine, and with the remaining person involved with the council left alive in the series finale, it could prove an interesting tie into the rest of the small screen universe. RELATED: Ms. Marvel Adds The Walking Dead’s Matt Lintz as Bruno Carrelli Baron Helmut Zemo Click here to purchase Helmut Zemo’s full introduction in Captain America #276! With his MCU iteration being a variation of parts from both Baron Helmut Zemo and other Barons throughout the comics, it may be a bit trickier to find a work in for the notorious Captain America villain, but with the character still being alive and set to return in other Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there’s still plenty of opportunity for the character to appear in the series. Son to original Baron Zemo, Helmut would at one point in the comics become the leader of the superhero group Thunderbolts under false pretenses and after his nefarious motives were revealed and Hawkeye took control of the group, Helmut set his sights on the archer and went on to become a major villain for him. Teaming up with Hawkeye’s former mentor Trick Shot, dying from cancer, to bring the archer down in the Blindspot storyline while killing all of the Thunderbolts and only leaving Hawkeye alive in Old Man Logan, Zemo has been a very formidable foe for the Avenger and with the exact timeline for both Hawkeye and Falcon and the Winter Soldier unknown, though the former’s set photos have pointed to a 2025 setting, there’s certainly room for Daniel Brühl’s villain to appear in both. Trick Shot Click here to purchase the first volume of Solo Avengers, in which Trick Shot made his debut! Not only is Trick Shot one of Hawkeye’s most notable rivals, he’s also one whose various comic threads would work for the series and the plot seemingly being developed in it. Originally acting as one of Clint Barton’s mentors alongside Duquesne — who we know will appear in the series — under the name of Buck Chisholm, the two would have a rift during a robbery of a wealthy criminal’s mansion as Clint discovers one of the guards he shot in the arm was his brother and elects to remain by his side, infuriating Trick Shot and establishing them as enemies. Following the death of Chisholm at one point from cancer, the mantle would later be taken up by Clint’s brother, who had seemingly passed away years prior only to be revived by Baron Zemo. Rumors have swirled since February that Trick Shot and Clint’s brother Barney would be introduced in the series, and with Swordsman already set to appear in a key role, it would be thematically apt for the Clint’s other mentor and brother to appear in the series. Crossfire Click here to purchase Crossfire’s debut in Marvel Two-In-One Issue #52! Much like Zemo and Griffin, William Cross, aka Crossfire, is a supervillain with such a number of ties to the bigger Marvel universe that his arrival would not only prove exciting for fans, but also connect a lot of threads and set things up for the future. Created by Steven Grant and Jim Craig, Crossfire is the cousin to Ant-man villain Darren Cross, portrayed in the eponymous film by Corey Stoll, with cybernetic implants whose main goal has been to turn the superhero community against one another and end the rise of superheroes. Not only would his actions see him run afoul of Hawkeye, but he would also be a major foe for Moon Knight, and with Oscar Isaac just landing the central role in that Disney+ series, his introduction in the Barton-centered project would make ultimate sense before going on to be a major villain in the latter series. The Hawkeye limited series will see Jeremy Renner reprising his role as Clint Barton, with the story also set to introduce his protege Kate Bishop, who is officially being portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld. It will be directed by Amber Finlayson and Katie Ellwood, aka Bert and Bertie, who are best known for their work on Troop Zero, and Rhys Thomas (Staten Island Summer). Hawkeye is expected to debut in Fall 2021 on Disney+. In the comics, Bishop becomes Hawkeye after Clint Barton, and is also a member of the Young Avengers. Disney has not yet confirmed if they have plans to give Bishop her own spinoff show or have her appear in the MCU down the road, but it is certainly a possibility. RELATED: WandaVision: Kevin Feige Teases the Origins of Scarlet Witch’s Powers  The project’s working title “Anchor Point” is actually serving as a homage to the first volume of Kelly Thompson’s fan-favorite comic book series that was published in 2017. Titled as Vol.1: Anchor Points, it was Kate Bishop’s first solo comic series after appearing in the Young Avengers issues. However, it’s still unknown if the said comics’ storyline would connect to the series’ plot or not.

    The 5 Gateway Drug Episodes of Rick and Morty

    The 5 gateway drug episodes of Rick and Morty It’s crazy to think that Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s animated sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty has been around for seven years now, but even with its devoted following, there are some unsure of their interest in the series. To help those get into the show, we’ve compiled a list of the five episodes to act as a gateway drug to getting hooked on the titular duo. RELATED: Rick and Morty Season 5 First-Look Clip Revealed at Virtual Adult Swim Con! Created and executive produced by Harmon (Community) and Roiland (Adventure Time), Rick and Morty is a half-hour animated series that follows a sociopathic genius scientist who drags his inherently timid grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. The voice cast is consists of Justin Roiland as Rick and Morty, Sarah Chalke as Beth, Chris Parnell as Jerry, Spencer Grammer as Summer. “Meeseeks and Destroy” — Season 1, Episode 5 Click here to watch “Meeseeks and Destroy”! Originating from Roiland’s desire for a more fun-filled episode in comparison to the more serious-natured ones Harmon had been developing, the character of Mr. Meeseeks quickly became one of the series’ most popular and beloved in his first season appearance that paved the way for an episode full of gut-busting laughs and shocking drama. To keep Jerry, Beth and Summer occupied while he fulfills a bet made with Morty, Rick introduces the trio to the Meeseeks Box, a device that creates an upbeat blue alien being who fulfills whatever desire asked and immediately stops existing. The paths taken by Beth and Summer with the box offer some solid character development for both while Jerry’s leads to some outrageous antics, while Rick and Morty’s journey through a medieval fantasy realm quickly goes from upbeat and bizarre to shocking and dour without alienating the viewer, making for one of the best to start a newcomer out on. “Rixty Minutes” — Season 1, Episode 8 Click here to watch “Rixty Minutes”! One of the greatest things about the Adult Swim series is that even with its animated genre, the creative voice cast are frequently allowed the ability to improvise in recording sessions, but none will ever top the first season episode of “Rixty Minutes.” Bored with his family’s cable setup, Rick replaces it with interdimensional cable that allows them to watch content from all across the multiverse, including one in which meek Jerry is a movie star and other worlds’ ideas of shows and movies range from the horrific to the hilarious. With an alien take on Garfield to a trailer for a movie with a title so long it makes Sacha Baron Cohen blush, what makes this episode the most enjoyable is that the majority of what we see on the TV is creator, co-writer and star Roiland endlessly riffing and the end results are nonstop hilarious, especially when we hear him break and laugh. RELATED: Ant-Man 3 Lands Rick and Morty Scribe to Pen Script “The Wedding Squanchers” — Season 2, Episode 10 Click here to watch “The Wedding Squanchers”! While the show is certainly one full of comedy, and this episode is not devoid of it, it does frequently deliver some of the most effective gut punches I’ve ever seen in television and the final stinger for the second season’s finale proves to be one of my favorite, one in which gives me chills just as I reflect back writing this. While the episode’s story may pick up a thread from the season one finale, its story is still self-contained enough that it wouldn’t take much for newcomers to pick up who everyone is and what their relationships are with one another as Rick and his family travel to Planet Squanch for the marriage of his friend Birdperson and Summer’s friend Tammy. Without spoiling the proceedings, things don’t go quite as planned and when the ending arrives with Nine Inch Nails’ version of “Hurt” overlaying it all, it not only offers newer viewers a major draw to want to continue their watching, but also a really deep emotional connection with the characters moving forward. “The Rickshank Rickdemption” — Season 3, Episode 1 Click here to watch “The Rickshank Rickdemption”! When Adult Swim surprised fans and general viewers alike on April Fool’s Day in 2017 with the long-awaited third season premiere of the series, the internet nearly broke and the episode was flooded everywhere as the network streamed it for 24 hours straight on a loop across various social media and four straight hours on the channel itself. Its arrival also drove me to finally watch the show from its beginning and once I arrived to it, I was incredibly thankful for its sudden premiere and is an epic one for new viewers to dive into early into their watching. Picking up right from where “The Wedding Squanchers” left off, fans are finally able to take a breath after the gut punch finale and also get the chance to spend some time with alien Cornvelious Daniel, voiced by Nathan Fillion in one of the best guest voice appearances in the series, and learn where the recent craze of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce spawn from. “Pickle Rick” — Season 3, Episode 3 Click here to watch “Pickle Rick”! After years of seeing Mr. Meeseeks reign as one of the most sought-after bits of merchandising for the series, Rick and Morty found their ultimate unofficial mascot with the arrival of the third season’s third episode, “Pickle Rick.” Simultaneously following Beth, Summer and Morty as they head to family therapy and Rick as he struggles to resolve the situation he’s got himself in after turning himself into a pickle to avoid joining the trio, the episode not only takes full advantage of the potential from its bizarre Rick storyline, but it also brilliantly uses its therapist setting to deconstruct a number of the toxic personalities on display throughout the series, which is delivered by the incredible Susan Sarandon in another of the series’ best guest star appearances. With the balanced tone of outrageous comedy and sci-fi antics, bloody action scenes and profound character development and reflection, it’s easily one of the best for newcomers to sink their teeth into as they test the waters of the series. RELATED: Marvel’s She-Hulk Lands Pickle Rick Writer Jessica Gao In Season 4, Rick Sanchez is still living with his daughter Beth’s family and causing more trouble than ever. This season the rest of the family, his son-in-law Jerry, grand-daughter Summer and grandson Morty are dragged into Rick’s intergalactic adventures, as he faces new threats and mysteries of his secret past are revealed. Can the family survive Rick’s insanity and all the chaos the universe throws at them? Taika Waititi (The Mandalorian, What We Do in the Shadows), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), Paul Giamatti (Billions) and Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone) appeared as guest voices in Season 4. Rick and Morty had been previously renewed for 70 episodes, spread out over an undetermined amount of seasons, although a typical Rick and Morty season is 10 episodes. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have stated that there will be a serialized element to every episode of Season 4, while each will feature a strong story that stands on its own as well.

    Dylan O’Brien & Jessica Henwick Talk Love and Monsters

    CS Video: Dylan O’Brien & Jessica Henwick talk Love and Monsters got the opportunity to chat with stars Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner trilogy) and Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist) to discuss their roles in the acclaimed post-apocalyptic rom-com Love and Monsters, which is now available on premium VOD and digital platforms! Our interview can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Love and Monsters Review: A Charming & Wildly Fresh Teen Rom-Com In Love and Monsters (formerly titled as Monster Problems), seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson, along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over the radio with his high school girlfriend Aimee, who is now 80 miles away at a coastal colony, Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, he decides against all logic to venture out to Aimee, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way. Click here to digitally purchase Love and Monsters! The film stars Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner films) as Joel, Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy) as Clyde, Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist) as Aimee, Arianna Greenblatt (Avengers: Infinity War) as Minnow, and Dan Ewing (Occupation) as Cap. RELATED: New Mission: Impossible 7 Set Video Teases Tom Cruise’s Train Stunt Love and Monsters is directed and written by Michael Matthews with Shawn Levy producing through his 21 Laps banner. The project is said to be a coming-of-age story that will center around a road trip with a young man living in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters. The film is likened to both Mad Max and Zombieland with John Hughes overtones. The post-apocalyptic teen rom-com is now available on digital platforms and premium video-on-demand!

    Co-Writer/Director Mark Williams Talks Honest Thief

    CS Interview: Co-writer/director Mark Williams talks Honest Thief got the opportunity to chat with Emmy nominee Mark Williams (Ozark) to discuss his work as co-writer and director on the Liam Neeson-starring action-thriller Honest Thief, which is set to hit select theaters this Friday! RELATED: CS Interview: Star Jeffrey Donovan on Action-Thriller Honest Thief Looking back on its journey from his mind to the screen, Williams described the development process for the Neeson vehicle as “a long road, as all things are” and that a lot of the time spent evolving the script and characters came from “really trying to figure out a way to walk that line of gray.” “You know, we’re all good, we’re all bad, for me, it’s really like, ‘Can you be bad and go good and can you have a second chance in life,'” Williams pondered. “So, for me, it was really just figuring out what kind of character that would be great to explore. Obviously within a genre that we’ve all seen a thousand movies of, and so, it’s like, how can we have the stuff that blows up and do the fun shootouts and car chases, but also have a character that has a moral compass that’s a little bit different than we’ve seen before. So from there, I ended up bringing on a writer to do a draft of the script, and we worked that over for a while. And then, at some point, I’d been debating on who would direct it, and then at some point, I’d end up directing Family Man, which then like, well, maybe I’m going to direct this. So I ended up doing a big rewrite on it to get it to where it was. Then, I got lucky that my guy who I had in mind when I was thinking about it was this guy Liam Neeson, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, but I thought, yeah, he might be good for it. I sent it to his agent, just knowing how ridiculously a long shot that is, and I got that crazy call one day of like, ‘Liam likes your script. He’d like you to sit down with him and talk about it.’ I was like, ‘Oh, oh wow. Okay.’ So then I hopped on a plane, flew to New York and sat down with Liam and talked about it, and then, from there, you go very fast.” In addition to having the 68-year-old action veteran leading the cast, the roster for the film includes everyone from The Suicide Squad‘s Jai Courtney to The Umbrella Academy‘s Kate Walsh, Terminator 2‘s Robert Patrick, Hamilton‘s Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones and Burn Notice‘s Jeffrey Donovan, all of which he credits to landing Neeson to star. “Once I got Liam, I think it opened up the floodgates a little more than the average actor, so the opportunities were there for quite a few,” Williams expressed. “For me, it was all about finding that right chemistry between the different characters, and we started with trying to find Annie’s character because as much as this is an action thriller and everything else, it’s a love story. If the love story can work, that’s what may make it different than the other action movies that we’ve seen of the same ilk. So it really was about finding that perfect Annie, and Kate is such a lovely human being, that just she’s fun. She’s what you might expect out of her, but to the Nth degree of like, just caring and loving and always with a joke, and obviously gorgeous and everything else. So when we got her, we knew we had the love story piece. So then really it was about finding who are those different FBI agents, and I have four of them, so I wanted to give a variety and a different feel to them. Jeffrey Donovan, he’s just a genius in his abilities. I mean, every take he would do, he would do something different, and just on the turn of a dime, he’s just so smart and so clever and always a good take. And it’s — the hard part is you can’t edit between the takes because they’re all different, but they’re amazing in themselves. “Jai Courtney is just a stud, and that was really important, to have somebody that is formidable to go up against, and he works so hard,” Williams continued. “Robert Patrick is always fun because Terminator 2 is probably my favorite movie of all-time, so, it was a joy. Really my casting directors, Mary Vernieu and Michelle Wade Byrd, they were like, ‘You’ve got to really pay attention to this Anthony Ramos guy.’ I’m like, “I haven’t seen Hamilton. I mean, I see the clips you’re sending me, but’ — they’re like, ‘No. You need to pay attention to Anthony Ramos.’ Finally, after I passed on him I think maybe three or four times they said, ‘Trust us,’ and I said, ‘Okay, I’m trusting you.’ He was unbelievable and really what a great human, but also, he came to work so hard every day. Not to give anything away as you write this, but obviously that scene in the garage, he went toe to toe with Liam, and it was something to watch, just even when we were watching him do it in person, so it was kind of great to see.” The casting of Burn Notice alum Donovan also brought a star looking to collaborate even further with the minds behind the camera, looking to fill out the backstory of his character in order to better bring him to life on screen, and Williams found it to be an “awesome” experience from his end as the 52-year-old star had “so many creative ideas.” “It was almost more about wrangling like this idea and really kind of putting it into a box,” Williams brightly explained. “I mean, as you know, back story is back story, so it was more about what he needed to bring to the character. You know, it was how he could figure it out. But he’s the one that actually we know the most about back story because we learn about his ex-wife and the divorce and the reason why he’s got Tazzie. So for him, his back story was actually really, really important to give a sense, otherwise it would just be weird to have him carrying a little dog everywhere he went. So it was really important. But no, he has such good ideas, like I said, that it was a fun process, and he’s become a good friend in that process, too.” When it came to balancing the more darkly comedic elements of the script with the love story and action-thriller aspects, Williams laughed and found it wasn’t too difficult as “it’s kind of me” and that it was a smooth process of infusing the “wit or sarcasm” into the characters while ensuring he tried hard to “pull it out in the right place.” “Jeffrey Donovan did me so many favors because he’s just that way and he is so funny and smart, he played it very well,” Williams stated. “You know, he is almost the comic thread to — I mean, it’s not comedy, but he’s the humorous thread throughout the whole thing. Really when I was trying to figure out how to layer his character up a little bit more, I was like, if this FBI guy is what we always see, how do you make him a little bit different? And then, to give him a 15-pound dog that he just doesn’t want and watch him play off Tazzie, it really kind of sparked, and then I watched them on set, too, how they built their relationship as it went over the course of the movie. So it was kind of just working. Obviously, you know, Kate has a really good sense of humor, she’s very fun, and Liam’s hysterical in his own kind of Irish way, not the same as Jeffrey or Kate for sure, but he’s a very funny guy. So they all helped, obviously, bring out those moments, and when there were times to stop, because obviously as you say, once it goes, it goes, and you have to steal moments to breathe, really.” Though the casting and the writing remained a mostly smooth process for Williams, the real challenges arrived as production got underway and proceeded in a quick fashion, leaving him to “figure out a lot of things in a hurry” while prepping to begin shooting. “We basically started prepping, let’s say August and we were shooting at the end of October, so it’s a pretty fast prep, and the weather was changing on us pretty drastically,” Williams recalled. “I think that was one of the biggest hurdles that we faced. In fact, one night we were inside the house — actually, it was the night we were shooting the garage scene and somebody said, ‘It’s snowing outside.’ This is, you know, early November, I think, and we’re like, ‘Okay, whatever, we’re inside. It’s fine, whatever.’ Then I walked outside and there was that [motions with hand] much snow on the ground in about an hour and a half. Then you’re like, ‘Oh that’s not snow. That’s like a serious storm.’ We couldn’t get out of the house. All the trucks were trapped. It became a real event. Then you’re like, ‘Okay, we got through that.’ Then what you realize though is there’s snow everywhere, and this is the only part of the movie that has any snow. There’s no snow in the movie, and all of a sudden you’re like, you’re clearing streets and having to get rid of snow banks on the sides of the roads. New England weather is not always friendly, so that was part of the biggest challenges. But other than that, I think it was just fairly normal challenges of having enough time and getting everybody to stay focused when we’re shooting in the middle of the night one night in a park and it was cold and our generator went down and all the lights were out. We’re just standing there and going, ‘Uh, it’s two in the morning. We have no power’ and that kind of stuff.” The New England setting and shooting locations spawned from a lot of conversations with co-writer Steve Allrich as the two went back and forth on a number of possible big cities across the country, including Chicago, where Williams previously made his directorial debut. “As you flip around the United States, there’s only so many big cities that you really want to see, I think at one point we talked about Chicago, but then I had just shot Family Man in Chicago and I’m like, ‘I don’t think I want to go back and do the same thing,'” Williams noted. “So, I was just looking around on a map and going, you know, Boston’s a really cool city because it’s got its own character. It’s a specific city in the US, whereas a lot of cities are fairly interchangeable, and Boston has that certain style. We used the architecture a lot, you may not catch that, but there’s a lot of churches in New England, and there’s a lot of churches in the movie, which again, comes back to the theme of the movie of redemption and everything else. So I sneak it in there, even if people aren’t paying attention. But it wasn’t even hard to do because every other corner has a church on it in New England.” RELATED: Exclusive Honest Thief Clip Featuring Liam Neeson & Jeffrey Donovan! Written by Steve Allrich (The Canyon) and directed by Mark Williams, the co-creator of the hit Netflix crime thriller Ozark, Honest Thief will follow a bank robber (Neeson) who after attempting to turn himself in after falling in love with an employee from where his loot is stashed must deal with the complications that arise when his case is taken on by corrupt FBI agents, played by Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos. Williams produced Honest Thief alongside Tai Duncan, Stephen Emery and Myles Nestel of Solution Entertainment Group, which sold the international rights to the film to Briarcliff and Open Road in June. Neeson has found large success in recent years in the action genre, starring in the fan-favorite Taken trilogy and starring in this year’s box-office hit The Commuter, the fourth collaboration between him and director Jaume Collet-Serra. The 66-year-old actor will next be seen in the upcoming comedy Made in Italy, the directorial debut of James D’Arcy (Avengers: Endgame), which is scheduled for an August 7 release. Honest Thief is set to hit theaters on October 16.

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