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General Hospital Actor Jay Pickett DIES on Film Set

Actor Jay Pickett, best known for his work on such daytime soap operas as General Hospital and Port Charles, died last week in Idaho while acting in a western he co-wrote, Treasure Valley. He was 60 years old. At the time of this writing, Pickett’s cause of death has not been released, but the film’s director Travis Mills believes that the longtime actor suffered a heart attack while sitting on a horse.“Jay Pickett, our leading man, writer, producer, and creator of this movie passed away suddenly while we were on location preparing to film a scene. There is no official explanation for the cause of his death but it appears to have been a heart attack,” Mills wrote in an emotional Facebook post. “Everyone present tried as hard as they could to keep him alive. Our hearts are broken and we grieve for his family who are so devastated by this shocking tragedy.”Mills went on to say that Pickett was “an incredible man” who was “kind, sweet, and generous” to all those who collaborated with him. “It is difficult to find the words right now to say more,” he added. “His closest friends have said that he was very happy making Treasure Valley and my hope is that he truly was. He was doing what he loved: acting, riding horses, making movies. And he was magnificent.”Pickett’s co-star, Jim Heffel, provided more insight into his death with a Facebook post of his own. Jay died sitting on a horse ready to rope a steer in the movie Treasure Valley in Idaho. The way of a true cowboy. Jay wrote the story and starred in it. He was also co-producer with myself and Vernon Walker. He will be truly missed. Ride like the wind partner,” he wrote.Jay Pickett appeared on such 80s classics like China Beach, Mr. Belvedere, Jake and the Fatman, and Matlock before transitioning into daytime soaps. Later in his career, Picket made several guest spots on such shows as Dexter, The Mentalist, NCIS: Los Angeles, Rosewood, and Queen Sugar. He is survived by his wife and three children.
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    Ghostbusters: Afterlife APPEARS LIKE THE TRUE Ghostbusters: The Movie

    Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma, but after years, nay, decades of waiting, Ghostbusters fans are finally getting a proper sequel to the original Ghostbusters via Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife — at least, judging by that incredibly cool (and incredibly cheesy) new trailer.RELATED: Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer Teases Original Team’s ReturnExcept, I say “proper sequel” loosely as Afterlife more closely resembles a big-screen version of the amazing The Real Ghostbusters animated series that ran from 1986-1991 than the 1984 classic starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, and the late Harold Ramis.That’s not a bad thing.Look, the original Ghostbusters is an adult comedy filled with sex jokes, double entendres, and characters who drink, smoke, swear, chase women and belittle their secretaries. The story follows a standard rags-to-riches formula, but never once posits its paranormal investigators as anything more than a couple of dudes doing their job. As Peter says, they are basically just exterminators looking for a giant cockroach.RELATED: The Frighteners Displayed Peter Jackson’s Distinct Filmmaking Style[embedded content]Oh sure, New York City worships them like heroes, but we never see Peter, Ray, Egon, or Winston mingle with young children. During the “hero montage,” director Ivan Reitman cleverly cuts to a sequence in which Ray gets a, um, special visit from a very “pesky poltergeist” who unzips his pants and … well … yeah …These aren’t “heroes” in the traditional sense so much as they are a group of guys who happen to fall ass-backward into a lucrative (and decidedly dangerous) venture.Peter, in particular, loves playing up the media and certainly enjoys the attention, but uses his newfound fame to meet women and make money, as he did while working at Columbia University. The guy literally suckers Ray into pulling out a third mortgage to fund the operation and gives two squats about the very costly interest:Later, during the big climax, NYC cheers for the Ghostbusters, and Peter, characteristically, soaks up the limelight, but then the film cuts to the exhausted team walking up a flight of stairs just to remind us how out of place these guys are in this particular situation:[embedded content]Even Ecto-1 is presented as a clever visual gag — it’s a 1959 Cadillac hearse driven by guys who literally bust dead people. Get it?The big climax features dogs, a flattop-sporting woman and a giant marshmallow man. Peter and the gang aren’t saving NYC because they’re heroes, they’re saving the city because there’s literally no one else who could do the job — that’s the joke! In fact, as this brilliant commentary reveals, their whole ghostbusting enterprise is based around very specific supernatural events relating to Gozer. So, their business only comes about because there just happens to be an evil god who is going to drop in on Central Park West and start tearing up the city. Once they zap ole Gozer, there are no more ghosts needing to be busted and no more story.Here’s the thing, though: after Ghostbusters premiered, some marketing genius somewhere decided that the whole ghostbusting concept would play really well with kids and created The Real Ghostbusters in 1987. That thing was huge. Or, at least, I remember it being huge. There were Ghostbusters toys, merchandise, t-shirts … but all of it tied to the cartoon. As a kid, I liked Ghostbusters the film, but absolutely loved The Real Ghostbusters. When I busted evil demons and ghouls with my friends, we imagined fighting villains from the cartoon; and were less concerned with which character we embodied than we were trying to keep our umbrellas-cum-neutrino wand from falling off our backpacks-cum-proton packs.I always thought the coolest episodes of the animated series were the ones in which our titular heroes had to call on Stay Puft for help because, as a kid, I thought the big guy was cool. In fact, it was only years later that I actually got the joke and started to recognize the giant marshmallow man as a visual gag and not a Godzilla-sized superhero.The cartoon series always had the Ghostbusters helping out and mingling with kids and using their weapons more as a means to help society than exploit it. The show featured cool gadgets, cool villains, moral messages, and awesome action — and it completely destroyed the big screen Ghostbusters franchise.As many of you will recall, 1989 saw the release of Ghostbusters 2 and the results were, well, not quite as spectacular as they were five years earlier. Tonally, the decidedly lighthearted sequel, which culminates with all of NYC learning to be nice to one another, contrasts sharply with the original’s “four horny slobs get rich exterminating funny-looking ghosts” synopsis. There are a few “scary” scenes, notably that bit in the subway tunnels:Mostly, though, Ghostbusters 2 is a lot more kid-friendly than its predecessor. There’s less cursing, no drinking (from what I recall), no smoking, no sex jokes, no raunchy humor … Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston are all shot in a more heroic light. In fact, Venkman’s need to bed woman is suddenly replaced by an urge to not only marry Dana, but be the father to her bastard child, Oscar.Even Elmer Berstein’s classic comedy score was replaced with Randy Edelman heroic fanfare:[embedded content]In other words, Ghostbusters morphed from an adult comedy to a generic children franchise practically overnight. Gone were the slobs who drank cheap beer, chased ghosts, and danced the night away with some of the lucky ladies who witnessed the disturbance.Fast forward to 2021 and we have Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which, in all honesty, looks more like The Real Ghostbusters than, well, Ghostbusters. Obviously, trailers can be misleading, but Afterlife treats its subject with the same giddy exuberance as I treated the cartoon back in the late 80s. The proton packs look cool. The ghosts look cool. Hell, Ecto-1 has a friggin’ jump seat and looks more like this:Than this:So far, the first two trailers have prioritized the classic weapons, gadgets, and vehicles over the characters, new or otherwise. While the ending does tease a cameo by some of our old friends, in all likelihood the emphasis of the film will be on ghostbusting rather than the Ghostbusters, if that makes any sense.Plot twist: I’m good with this direction.Look, in my opinion, Ghostbusters is a perfect movie. In terms of comedy, you can’t get much better. I love the concept. I love the characters. I love the weird FX. I love it all. Yet, I recognize that the original film doesn’t set up a franchise any better than, say, Animal House or Caddyshack.The ghostbusting concept, by contrast, has plenty to offer in terms of franchise potential. The Real Ghostbusters recognized this and racked up 140 episodes over the course of five years. Five years! Ghostbusters 2 also saw the potential, but faltered in its attempts to mix old with new — the film was neither adult enough for older audiences (fans of the original) nor spectacular enough for youngsters (fans of the cartoon).Ghostbusters: Afterlife looks like a franchise starter. The film features teenagers (one of them from Stranger Things) driving cars, shooting lasers and battling demons; and also boasts the always likable Paul Rudd, larger-than-life spectacle, heroes, villains, awesome visual effects, cool action and plenty of other material to attract audiences.Yeah, yeah, Peter, Ray, and Winston will appear in some way shape or form, as will Stay Puft and Gozer (probably) as a means to attract fans and older audiences who have waited so long for a proper sequel.Honestly, though, I think they’ll be disappointed because there is no way to deliver a proper sequel to Ghostbusters. It can’t be done.So, instead of expecting an outright follow-up to Ghostbusters, prepare yourself for a remake that uses the basic concepts of that film as a jumping-off point to a much larger world.In other words, prepare yourself for The Real Ghostbusters: The Movie — which means a lot of this:[embedded content]And very little of this:[embedded content]It may not result in a classic film, but it might make for a really fun franchise.

    CS Collectibles: Sideshow Con, Predator & More!

    CS Collectibles: Sideshow Con, Predator & More! Hello and welcome to the latest edition of CS Collectibles,’s newest weekly column that brings you the best in premium collectibles! Find out all the latest on statues, figures, posters, cards, eBay deals, Amazon deals & much more below! Sideshow This week Sideshow Con “New York” brought out some big reveals of sensational new statues and figures, which you can check out in the video below!  There’s something thrilling emerging from the jungle![email protected] #SideshowCollectibles #Sheena #JScottCampbell — SideshowCollectibles (@collectsideshow) October 5, 2020 Hey, Bub! Ready for an X-traordinary episode of Unsealed and Revealed? Join Jeff and Guy tomorrow morning at 10 AM PDT LIVE as they check out the Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure![email protected] #SideshowCollectibles #XMen #Wolverine #Marvel — SideshowCollectibles (@collectsideshow) October 4, 2020 Each Ghostbusters Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 350 pieces. With expert likeness and fidelity to the film’s style, this vibrant tribute to the inimitable Ghostbusters is a must-have for fans of the beloved movie! Whether you collect spores, molds, and fungus or gallery-worthy artwork, there’s only one name to call when it comes to combating the supernatural- bring home the Ghostbusters Fine Art Print by Paul Shipper today! To order the Ghostbusters fine print, click here! Sideshow’s Wolf Predator Legendary Scale Bust is a perfect recreation and will make an amazing addition to any collector’s Predatory display. The piece itself is made up of a mixture of high-quality PVC and resin, leading to remarkable consistency and accuracy of details. This Predator Bust will be packaged in two boxes, with fully white inner art boxes. The package also includes an 8.5×11 print of the frightening face of the Wolf Predator. To order the Wolf Predator Legendary Scale Bust, click here! Diamond Select A Diamond Select Toys release! turn your shelf into a Nightmare! the cast of Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas continues to populate DST’s line of resin busts. Featuring the movie’s most popular characters atop diorama bases, the line continues with villain Oogie boogie and Jack Skellington’s dog, zero. Oogie measures approximately 7 inches tall atop a pedestal inspired by his lair, while zero stands approximately 4 inches tall atop a pile of books and a Jack o’lantern. Each bust is limited to 3, 000 pieces and includes a numbered Certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Sculpted by Joe Menna!. To order The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie Boogie Resin Bust Figure, click here! A Diamond Select Toys release! He’s come back! The original Pennywise the Clown, played by Tim Curry in the 1990 TV Mini-Series IT, is now the newest character in the line of horror-inspired Gallery Dioramas. Depicting the clown in mid-transformation, this approximately 9-inch sculpture is made of high-quality PVC, and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. Packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. To order Horror Movie Gallery: It 1990 Classic Pennywise Figure, click here! Mondo Prowling in the moonlight to bring you a horrifying vessel from which to lap-up your sinister spirits from, it’s the official Universal Monsters The Wolfman Tiki Mug! This monstrous mug is designed by the deadly Doug P’Gosh, sculpted by the mischievous Matthew Black, and produced with the help of the terrifying Tiki Farm team. The Wolfman features his horrible visage on one side, a scream scene from the film on the other, and holds 16oz of the lethal liquid of your choice! Howl you going to resist adding this to your collection? This version of The Wolfman features a matte white base blaze, with a Dark Midnight Blue wiped glaze over it. To order The Wolfman, click here! From the heights of Mt. Olympus, to the shores of Midgard, Kratos cleaves his way into sixth scale for this first time! This deluxe figure features over 25 points of articulation, real fabric belts, pants, apron, and ptergues. In addition to Mimir and the Leviathan Axe, Kratos features several weapons, such as his Blades of Chaos with chains, interchangeable heads, hands, and much more! To order Kratos, click here! Iron Studios ALMOST SOLD OUT: Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to present the 2019 SDCC Exclusive Ghost Rider Art Scale Statue! This limited edition exclusive is based on comic book references and features a diecast chain and base that can be connected to the Hobgoblin Statue. Hand-painted and made in polystone, don’t miss your chance to add this Ghost Rider statue to your Marvel Comics collection! To order Ghost Rider, click here! Sideshow and Iron Studios present the Freddy Krueger Deluxe 1:10 Art Scale Statue. One of the greatest horror movie icons, Freddy Krueger is the central character from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.  As an assassin of children, he was burned alive by vindictive parents and returned as an evil spirit that kills teenagers in their dreams, also killing them in the real world. Immortalized by actor Robert Englund, who played him in nine films, Freddy Krueger is now the new addition to the Iron Studios Horror series 1:10 Art Scale line. This highly detailed statue comes in two versions, the regular and a deluxe version that includes a themed base captured directly from the movie! To order Freddy Krueger, click here! Prime 1 Studios Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio present the Tyrannosaurus-Rex Statue from Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park was directed by Steven Spielberg and is based on the 1990 novel of the same name by Michael Crichton. Based on the iconic scene from Jurassic Park, fans can expect this product to be as movie accurate as possible with the help of modeler Julien Romeo and sculptor Steve Jubinville. To order the Tyrannosaurus Rex, click here! Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the Pennywise 1/2 Scale Statue. Drawn from the pages of Stephan King’s original novel IT and adapted into the worldwide success of the 2017 horror film by the same name. To order Pennywise, click here! Hot Toys Sideshow and Hot Toys proudly present the John Wick® Sixth Scale Collectible Figure from John Wick: Chapter 2. Masterfully crafted, this impressive movie-accurate John Wick Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features a highly detailed head sculpt, a finely tailored three-piece suit, multiple articulations and an arsenal of weapon accessories including a variety of pistols, shotguns and rifles. This figure also features a knife, John Wick’s signature pencil, two Blood Oath Markers, several gold coins and a specially designed figure stand. To order John Wick, click here! In The Dark Knight, master of evil The Joker ravages Gotham City intent on destroying Batman. He is always prepared to bring chaos and cause terror in the city. Adding on to The Dark Knight Cosbaby collectible series, Sideshow and Hot Toys present the Joker Cosbaby. Each Cosbaby figure measures approximately 12.5 cm tall including figure base. Joker in crazy green hair and smudging clown makeup has put on his classic purple coat, holding playing cards in one hand trying to leaves his mark everywhere he goes. To order Joker, click here! Super 7 Scary for Halloween or every day of the year: The officially licensed Super7 x Universal Monsters retro monster masks! A collaboration with Retro-a-go-go and designed by artist Doug P’gosh. Made of high quality plastic with an elastic head band and with retro packaging that will remind you of being a child before the Internet. To order Super 7 Creature from The Black Lagoon Retro Mask Yellow, click here! From Super 7. Relive the fun and excitement of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures with these figures from Super 7! Raphael, the Witty Voice of the Turtles, emerges with a fully loaded weapons rack, communicator, alternate head and hands, plus a pizza slice! To order Raphael, click here!  Loot Crate Get a surprise mix of horror collectibles and apparel delivered to your chamber door every other month! Click here to order! Wizards of the Coast Preorders for #TWD Secret Lair drop are now LIVE, unlike the walkers on the zombie tokens. Grab your best zombie fighting gear and head over to now! — MTG Secret Lair (@MTGSecretLair) October 5, 2020 Click here to purchase Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Box! Click here to purchase Zendikar Rising Bundle! Click here to purchase Ikoria! Click here to purchase Core 2021! What do you think of CS Collectibles so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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