Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Resident Evil Village DLC Announced

Resident Evil Village had no season pass or much in the way of future plans outside of RE: Verse, the attached multiplayer project coming in July. However, Capcom has just revealed that it is creating DLC for Resident Evil Village “due to popular demand.” The publisher and developer did not give any details on what this upcoming DLC would be.And that might be because it is very early in development and likely wasn’t planned beforehand, hence the lack of a season pass. The slide announcing the DLC said Capcom was just starting on it, meaning we probably won’t see anything for some time. The slide ended with Capcom promising “more info later.”MORE: Netflix’s Live-Action Resident Evil Series Reveals Main CastResident Evil has had a bunch of odd DLC. Resident Evil 7 had a slew of unique packs from a Saw-like version of the card game 21 to a roguelike adventure to a free campaign starring Chris Redfield. It was all wildly different and it remains to be seen if Capcom will emulate this off-the-wall approach with Village or go for a more story-based expansion.MORE: Ada Wong Was Cut From Resident Evil Village
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    The way the DualSense controller brings KeyWe’s chaotic mailroom alive

    Hey everyone! I’m Ben, and I’m super egg-cited to share our big news: KeyWe is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on August 31. And if you’re scrolling through this post thinking, “Huh… A game about two kiwi birds running a chaotic mailroom? Tell me more!”, then buckle up, because that’s exactly what I’m here to do — including the first ever details on our DualSense wireless controller functionality for PS5.  KeyWe is a cozy co-op game where you play as Jeff and Debra, two industrious kiwi birds who work at a fun and frantic post office. Jeff and Debra must collaborate together to type telegrams, send urgent messages, ship packages and keep the mail flowing to the residents of Bungalow Basin.  You can play KeyWe with a friend in local and online co-op, as well as single-player, as you work your way through the changing seasons of the postal calendar with the help* of the colorful cast of critter co-workers joining you on your shifts.  (*Some of them are totally unhelpful and should be fired immediately, but Telepost station manager Buck Hamm likes keeping them around.) The PS5 version of KeyWe will also take advantage of the DualSense controller’s haptics and adaptive triggers to let PS5 players really get a feel for the Telepost Office. What exactly do I mean by that? Well… Kiwi Feet at Your Fingertips Being a hard-working kiwi has its advantages, but flight isn’t one of them. Instead, feel every step Jeff and Debra take with pitter-patter vibrations as they scurry around the mailroom. We’ve all wondered what it would be like to hold a fluffy little kiwi – well, this is (probably) the next best thing. Keep the Post Rolling (in More Ways Than One) Never underestimate the strength of a determined mailbird. Jeff and Debra spend a lot of time pushing and pulling packages around the mailroom, and you’ll be able to feel this with a rolling haptic rumble to make your movements all the more immersive. Jeff and Debra may be small, but you’ll feel just how mighty they are too. These DualSense Controller Features are Snow Joke With no hands to help them, Jeff and Debra will have to use slingshots for a fighting chance against their colleagues in the Telepost’s annual snowball fight. And with the DualSense controller, you can feel the tightening tension when pulling back on your slingshot to land the perfect hit. These team-building exercises just keep getting more and more competitive.  This Bubble Wrap Won’t Test Itself Popping bubble wrap is one of the finer things in life, and with the DualSense controller you’ll be able to feel every pop-pop-pop as you run some routine quality checks. And nobody can even tell you off for being annoying. It’s your job after all. Ready. Aim. Fire! The Telepost has some unorthodox means for moving mail around, including the patented Envelauncher. Feel the satisfying recoil of a well-launched letter every time Jeff and Debra fire this clattering contraption. Just don’t aim it at anyone’s face. Also, very importantly, you can dress up your kiwis. We’ve packed KeyWe with loads of cosmetic items and accessories for you to unlock and become the best-dressed birds in Bungalow Basin. We also have some awesome items for players who pre-order, including Buck’s Big Bushy Beard, the Cassowary Cowl, Zuni the baby octopus (she rides on your back), and the Experimental Postal Pack: a whirring gizmo that, when equipped, unlocks new objectives for you to test its mysterious properties, like hunting magnetic disturbances, collecting static charges or escaping hungry singularities. We’ll have much more to show you on KeyWe as we get closer to launch, but until then, all of us at Stonewheat hope you’re excited to meet Jeff and Debra and jump into the co-op calamity of the Telepost on August 31.

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