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CD Projekt Acquires The Molasses Flood, The Studio Behind The Flame In The Flood

CD Projekt has announced that it has acquired The Molasses Flood, the studio known for games like The Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow.  This news comes by way of a press release from CD Projekt that says The Molasses Flood is a perfect fit for the studio group. The studio will be working on one of CD Projekt’s IP, although it will retain its own identity and won’t merge with any existing teams in CD Projekt.  “The Molasses Flood will be working in close cooperation with CD Projekt Red, but will keep their current identity and will not be merged with existing teams,” the release reads. “The studio will be working on its own ambitious project which is based on one of CD Projekt’s IPs. Details about the project will be announced in the future.”  CD Projekt specifically cites The Molasses Flood’s technological insight and experience as reasons for the acquisition. “We’re always on the lookout for teams who make games with heart,” CD Projekt president and CEO Adam Kiciński writes in the press release. “The Molasses Flood share our passion for video game development, they’re experienced, quality-oriented, and have great technological insight. I’m convinced they will bring a lot of talent and determination to the Group.”  The Molasses Flood’s studio head, Forrest Dowling, says the studio saw an incredible opportunity in becoming part of the CD Projekt group, which is also the home of CD Projekt Red, the team behind The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. Dowling says The Molasses Flood’s acquisition by CD Projekt will allow the team to reach a much wider audience.  While waiting for more details on The Molasses Flood’s next project, check out Game Informer’s The Flame in the Flood review and then check out our Cyberpunk 2077 review. 
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    Official PlayStation Podcast Episode 413: Blink And You’ll Miss It

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    Leveraging DualSense controller features in Hood: Outlaws & Legends

    The benefits of the DualSense wireless controller are obvious given a typical scenario for a skilled ranger. The enhanced haptics emulate power surging through the bow. Adaptive triggers convey the string tension as it reaches maximum potency. The feedback of a killing blow delivered to the player through a satisfying pulse. The reverberation of an explosive arrow fired into a crowd of enemies. These are just some of the advantages provided to those playing Hood: Outlaws & Legends on PS5 as it reinforces the experience when playing as the master archer, but many other areas of the game have also been augmented with new features. Play Video A new, deep look at the intense gameplay of Hood: Outlaws & Legends Combat ready As stamina depletes in melee combat, the resistance on the trigger increases to signify the strain and reduces the effectiveness of performing the action. This is in addition to receiving incoming impacts and dealing damage to foes, both signified by the haptics. The former is very aggressive, helping to convey the sharp strike of an arrow or the crushing blow of a hammer taken during an enemy encounter. In contrast, the latter is more subdued, a satisfying drum accompanies positive actions such as landing a hit, the intensity of which correlates with the damage dealt. These approaches help players’ to focus on the intended target or incoming danger by providing them with an additional layer of feedback and reducing the need to look elsewhere for a status update. Character actions The DualSense controller also helps ground players as they traverse the world. When transitioning into a slide from sprinting, the coarse gravel that litters much of the world grinds against the player as they strive to get back into a stealthy position. This is in contrast to falling from a height which penalises such an action with a forceful thud, reinforcing the damage taken from a harsh landing. Doors, on the other hand, are environmental blockers that can be lock-picked or barged open. Depending on a given character’s approach, the enhanced haptics bolster or suppress the interaction with consequential feedback. For individuality, there is a signifier to convey when each of the playable character abilities has been triggered. Due to their infrequency of activation, this further amplifies their personality and unique appeal for each gameplay role. In the case of The Brawler though, a man mountain of a character, he is also able to lift and withstand the weight of a portcullis, used to bypass defences. The DualSense controller supports the unrivalled strength and power required to perform such a feat which synergises with the interaction. Steal from the rich The predominant goal of the game though, is to escape with the riches found within a multitude of fortified buildings. The Sheriff, a patrolling warden capable of executions, is carrying the key to the treasure vault, and his position in the world is randomised. Thanks to the DualSense controller though, the task of locating him is made a little easier due to the directional haptics that convey his footsteps, the strength of which increases when he is in close proximity. This allows teams to both avoid the significant threat he poses and to strategise their approach in acquiring the key. Once the vault has been accessed, the treasure chest must be slowly carried to the extraction zone. The objective carrier is burdened due to the excessive amounts of gold found inside and alternating footsteps pound on each side of the DualSense controller in sync with the movement. When the treasure chest is dropped, the scattering of gold nearby dissipates in the player’s hand, leaving them to reflect on what could have been earned.  Upon successfully depositing the chest onto the winch, our take on a medieval getaway device, the player is tasked with cranking a handle to extract. What begins with a subtle hum in the player’s hands soon ramps up to a rattle which oscillates with the crank as it is rotated at a frantic pace, further adding to the tension and panic of a daring escape. Working on the game in tandem with the DualSense wireless controller has been a fantastic experience and we hope you get to feel the benefit for yourselves upon release.  Watch the newly released gameplay overview trailer to take a deeper look into Hood’s medieval multiplayer heists. Pre-order Hood: Outlaws & Legends now for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to play early on May 7 and receive the Forest Lords Pack!

    PlayStation Podcast 377: Scratch That Backlog

    Email us at [email protected]! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or RSS, or download here Hoo boy! Last week was quite a ride, and we’re back with a new episode reflecting on the excitement coming out of the PS5 Showcase, from the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI to a deeper look at Demon’s Souls combat. We also discuss upcoming PS4 releases Crash 4, Star Wars: Squadrons, and chat about what we do when we’re in between playing big games. Stuff We Talked About PS5 Showcase(!) Demon’s Souls Final Fantasy XVI Star Wars: Squadrons Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Diving into personal backlogs The Cast Tim Turi –  Senior Content Communications Specialist, SIE Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music. [Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… arrives April 23, 2021

    Ten years ago, YOKO TARO (Director), Yosuke Saito (Producer), and Keiichi Okabe (Composer) would introduce the world to a unique, ambitious action-RPG by the name of NIER – or as it was known in Japan, NieR Gestalt. Its alternate version, titled NieR RepliCant (Released April 22, 2010), never made it to western shores.  In 2017, the same all-star development team would reunite to create the sequel, NieR:Automata, which exploded onto the scene like so many dismembered machine lifeforms and quickly established itself as a modern gaming masterpiece. Assisted by series newcomers, Toylogic Inc., that original team has returned to the roots of the series in triumphant fashion –NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is poised to arrive on PS4 on April 23, 2021 to deliver the narratively complex, action-packed prequel that western NieR fans have been clamoring for.  In producer, Yosuke Saito’s own words: “We planned for this title to align with NieR’s 10th anniversary, and we tried our darndest to release it during the 10th anniversary.  Well, we didn’t make it in time!!  But, because of that, I believe that it has turned out to be that much better. I hope you are excited for it.” For those who need a little refresher on the series – who better to lay it out than YOKO TARO himself?  “Hello, YOKO TARO here, and I’m Creative Director of NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139… Um, so, SQUARE ENIX asked me: >Please provide a comment to introduce this title primarily to those who have never played Replicant, making sure to include points like how it differs from NIER (the Western version of NieR Gestalt), where this title fits in the storyline of the NieR Universe and what the story is about, as well as how it relates to Automata, etc. And I was, like… “whaa? I have to explain all that? On top of that, there are so many elements!” …so, I’d like to answer it using a Q&A format. Q: What is NieR Gestalt/Replicant? A: A while ago, we tried to make this game called “NIER.” It had a boy as a protagonist, you see. But I heard from the folks at the US SQUARE ENIX office that “in the US, a father figure would resonate better,” so for the West (North America and Europe), we created “Gestalt,” a version where the protagonist is a father, and “Replicant” for Japan, in which the protagonist is a boy. These two titles are the predecessors to NieR:Automata, but… it’s all starting to get confusing, right? It is for me, too. So, if you could just think of this as a brand-new title that is totally unrelated. Q: What is the relation between Replicant and Automata? What kind of story is it? Where does this fit in the NieR Universe? A: Replicant takes place way before the events of Automata; um, a few hundred, or was it a few thousand years ago… I’ve forgotten. Well, it’s a long, long time ago. That being said, it takes place far into the future from the time we live in. There, a young girl falls ill to this sickness – the Black Scrawl – that causes these black letter-like things to show up on your body, and her older brother has to save her. Then, a lot of things happen, then it eventually connects to Automata. But there’s just so much that goes on that it’s impossible to explain it all here, so… if you could just think of this as a brand-new title that is totally unrelated. Q: A comment regarding this title to Automata fans who have never played Replicant. A: During the production of Automata, I was thinking “I have to get both new audiences and Replicant fans to enjoy this title,” and wracked my brains for interesting twists in the designs. But, Replicant never really had Automata players in mind when it was designed. Because of that, it might feel like there are less twists in the gameplay and story, compared to Automata. So… if you could just please think of this as a brand-new title that is totally unrelated! In any case, just forget about everything in the past! That’s it from me!!” The development team was just featured on a NieR series stream for Tokyo Game Show Online 2020: The “We Have a Decent Amount of New Info” Show. You can watch the new trailer they debuted there below: Play Video We will finally be able to experience the NieR story origins from the point of view of the protagonist as a brother, along with many updates and improvements. Plus, it’s available for pre-order today!  Also, check out the White Snow Edition, exclusive to the Square Enix online store. There’s lots more to learn about this game and reveals to look forward to in the coming months – we hope that you’re just as excited as we are for the return of NieR!   

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