Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Resident Evil Village DLC Announced

Resident Evil Village had no season pass or much in the way of future plans outside of RE: Verse, the attached multiplayer project coming in July. However, Capcom has just revealed that it is creating DLC for Resident Evil Village “due to popular demand.” The publisher and developer did not give any details on what this upcoming DLC would be.And that might be because it is very early in development and likely wasn’t planned beforehand, hence the lack of a season pass. The slide announcing the DLC said Capcom was just starting on it, meaning we probably won’t see anything for some time. The slide ended with Capcom promising “more info later.”MORE: Netflix’s Live-Action Resident Evil Series Reveals Main CastResident Evil has had a bunch of odd DLC. Resident Evil 7 had a slew of unique packs from a Saw-like version of the card game 21 to a roguelike adventure to a free campaign starring Chris Redfield. It was all wildly different and it remains to be seen if Capcom will emulate this off-the-wall approach with Village or go for a more story-based expansion.MORE: Ada Wong Was Cut From Resident Evil Village
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    Huawei's smartphone struggles are hitting it hard in China

    US trade bans against Huawei are having a very tangible effect on the company's sales at home. Counterpoint Research now estimates that Huawei's China market share dropped to 16 percent in January 2021. For context, the tech giant had a 41 percent share in the first quarter of 2020. Even though the metrics aren't completely comparable (and Counterpoint is shy on numbers), there has clearly been a sharp drop. Huawei's decision to sell the Honor brand played a part, but Counterpoint pinned the decline largely on US restrictions. With components like processors and 5G modems in short supply, Huawei is focusing on premium, low-volume phones like the Mate 40 Pro to make the most of its limited stock. The fall from grace has already changed the dynamics of the Chinese market. Oppo became the country's top brand for the first time ever in January, claiming 21 percent share, while its sibling brand Vivo wasn't far behind with 20 percent. Huawei was tied for share with Apple and Xiaomi at 16 percent each. The future doesn't look bright for Huawei. Analysts expect it to continue its decline throughout 2021. The competition isn't standing still, either. Oppo is poised to launch its flagship Find X3 phones on March 11th, and has been scooping up sales of more affordable devices with the Reno 5 and A series. Xiaomi, meanwhile, recently launched the Mi 11. While Honor might carry on the spirit of Huawei's work, it's evident that Huawei itself faces bleak prospects in the months ahead.

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